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Strategies to Achieve a 9 Band in IELTS Writing

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To score a 9 Band in IELTS Writing, start with Task 2, as it carries more weight. Allocate 40 minutes to Task 2 and 20 minutes to Task 1 to manage your time effectively. Focus on keywords in the prompt to ensure relevance and avoid going off-topic. Highlight key points to address the topic accurately. Before writing, plan your ideas and outline your essay to maintain coherence and structure.

Keep the introduction simple by paraphrasing the prompt and clearly stating your position. In the main body, limit to three paragraphs, each with a distinct idea, including counterarguments and their refutations. Use examples to support your arguments. Use cohesive devices sparingly to ensure smooth transitions between sentences and paragraphs, maintaining flow and coherence.

For instance, when discussing salary increases for new employees in large corporations, explore their contributions, the importance of structured hierarchies, and refute counterarguments with the unique value new employees bring. Consistent practice, strategic planning, and understanding exam criteria are essential to achieve a 9 Band in IELTS Writing.

For more info : https://edubenchmark.com/blog/how-to-score-9-band-in-ielts-writing/


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