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Whether to sip fresh orange juice or a homemade smoothie, having a perfect straw makes the overall experience tremendously easy. In addition, these small items play a significant role in enhancing the overall beverage experience for people. This is because guests in a restaurant often complain about a not-so-good straw, which degrades their overall experience. Considering this, food business owners must choose suitable quality straws of the correct size.

Today, straws are used to enjoy almost every beverage, from juice to cocktails, slushies, and others, in an easier way. In most cases, straws are made of plastic as they remain firm, do not dissolve in water, and are lightweight. Over time, several advancements in straw manufacturing have taken place, resulting in the availability of different types of straws.

If you are a restaurant owner and looking to buy straws and other disposable catering supplies, you must know all popular types of straws. So, let us get to know them below.

Guide to Different Types of Straws

Here is a guide that would help you know different types of straws and how to choose a particular one.

Eco-friendly Straws

As people have become more concerned about environmental sustainability, the trend of eco-friendly straws has increased. These straws look similar to plastic straws and award high levels of ease and practicality during the stage. As a result, many restaurants and food businesses have started using these types of straws on their premises.

Paper Straws

As their name implies, these straws are made of paper. Made of high-quality paper, these straws support quick decomposition and come in various sizes. One can also opt for individually wrapped straws in bulk wrapped in a high-quality paper and outlasting their drink.

PLA Straws

These PLA straws are BPI-certified biodegradable in a commercial composting region and are made from sustainable corn-based plastic materials. They are both durable and trendy, and the quality is the ASTM D6400 standard. However, using them in high-temperature conditions is not suggested as they cannot go beyond 113 degrees F. These straws are available in both jumbo, and enormous sizes are available.

Giant Straws

According to their name, these straws have a large mount and tall layout. These straws are mainly preferred to enjoy thick beverages like coffee, smoothies, milkshakes, and slushies. They come in both wrapped and unwrapped packing.

Spoon Straws

These straws have an open-ended spoon on one side. They are ideal for sipping liquids and enjoying the beverages' ice cream toppings or other solid items. They are the hygienic and entertaining alternative for your customers and come wrapped in plastic cello.

Jumbo Straws

Jumbo straws fall in line with giant straws and are mainly used by people to sip thicker beverages like shakes. Like giant straws, they come in various colors and styles.

Sip Straws

These robust, thin straws are made from only the best quality polypropylene and can endure high temperatures, making them ideal for use in hot drinks. They come unwrapped, paper wrapped, or poly wrapped and are ideal for stirring cream, cocktails, specialty teas, cocktails, milk, or sugar into coffee.

Assorted Paper Fruit Straws

These distinctive straws contain multicolored honeycomb fruit decorations connected to the straw and are simple to assemble, making them ideal for giving a festive mood to your restaurant. They are sold in individual shrink-wrapped boxes of food-grade materials and brightly colored paper. These straws come in six different fruit forms and are an absolute must-have for your restaurant.

Flexible Straws

These high-quality individually wrapped straws provide an excellent safeguard against contamination. In addition, due to their flexible end, they emerge as a perfect choice for takeaway orders.

If you are looking for high-quality restaurant catering supplies, including individually wrapped straws in bulk, there are several prominent names in wholesale disposable catering supplies that provide excellent quality material at the most competitive rates.

Straw Sizes

The most common properties of individually wrapped straws are:

  • Color: Rainbow, Striped, Black, Red, Green, Aqua, Blue, Purple, Orange, Pink, Yellow, and Assorted
  • Style: Flexible Straws, Artistic Straws, Spoon Dessert Straws, Bubble Tea Straws, Jumbo Straws, Giant Straws, PLA Straws, Stir Straws, Paper Wrapped Straws, Poly Wrapped Straws
  • Widths: 3mm, 5mm, 6.5mm, 8mm, 10mm
  • Sizes of individually wrapped straws bulk: 5.25″, 5.75″, 7.5″, 8.75″, 9″, 9.45″, 9.5″, 10.25″

In today's fast-paced world, things change rapidly. This is particularly true for food businesses. When food businesses have been striving to recover from the loss caused due to the coronavirus pandemic, investing in the right restaurant catering supplies is the need of the hour. Whether it is choosing drinking straws, disposable cups, or other catering equipment, paying attention to the product quality is necessary.

The Conclusion

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