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It happens to the best of us. One moment, the skies are clear, the next, they open up and a torrent pours forth.

Except, sometimes, this happens when you’re enjoying a day out on the course with some pals – or, perhaps, alone, which means you’ll need to rely on yourself to survive the storm.

Good news! You did survive the deluge. Your golf equipment, well, whether or not that will survive depends on what you do next.

Some golf bags – specifically stand golf bags – have rain flies and water repellent finishes that help protect your gear and keep it dry. They’re best for light rain, though.

If you’re ever caught in the rain during a day on the course, once you get home, you’ll want to do the following.

1. Empty the golf bag.
Even if your golf bag only got a little bit wet, take everything out of it and leave nothing in the pockets at all. Some gear is more susceptible to water damage than others (like rangefinders, gloves, and clubs) but none of them benefits from being left in a slog.

2. Clean off any mud or grass left clinging to it.
Once your golf bag is completely empty, make sure you use a brush or a towel to clean everything off of the outside (and inside of it) wipe off any grass and knock off any mud clinging to the bottom. If any grass or leaves have blown into the inside, make sure you shake them out before you attempt to dry the bag because organic debris can foster the growth of mold.

3. Turn the golf bag upside down.
Once your bag is totally empty, turn it upside down just to allow all of the water that is in the fabric to drain completely. If there’s any loose water sloshing around at the bottom, it’ll drain out at this point, too.

Give it some time to drain; it could take a half hour or more. While it’s draining, you can leave it for a short period of time somewhere you won’t mind; like the garage, basement, or even outside.

4. Once all the water has run out of it, place it somewhere to dry out fully.
Once the bag is no longer dripping, take it somewhere warm (but not hot, you don’t want to shock the fabric) to dry out completely. Make sure you give it plenty of time to dry – this could take a day or more.

5. Place your clubs, gloves, towels, shoes, and other equipment somewhere warm to dry.
You also want to put your clubs, gloves, towels, shoes, and all other gear somewhere else warm to dry, too.

Again, nowhere hot, and don’t try to dry them out too quickly or you may damage them. Towels can be thrown in the dryer, but everything else needs to be allowed to air dry.

Be very particular about your golf glove, which can be badly damaged by water or mold, and of your clubs. Steel shafts can rust and water can damage the grips, too.

6. Do not load your bag up again until it has fully dried out.
A final word of wisdom – do not attempt to load your golf bag up with your gear until it has completely dried, both inside and out, and your gear has dried too. Placing damp gear back in a damp bag will trap moisture and it will not only never dry out, but you’ll probably start growing mold or mildew.

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