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Mazda2 uses the classic “Zoom-Zoom” design concept, with extreme safety, comfort and fuel economy. Mazda2 has launched 1.3L and 1.5L displacement models, which are very good environmentally friendly models. The small hatchback Mazda2 is a model that is very suitable for young people. It has reliable performance and high practicality, and the price is affordable. It can be easily owned by young people who have just started working and have a limited budget. For example, the Mazda 21.3 low-profile version gives a more original feel, which highlights the original design of the body. The carriage keeps the original layout, and the center console uses a more stable decoration, showing the simple design style of Mazda2. The front seat airbag has a two-stage inflation function, and the seat belt is equipped with a resistance detector to prevent excessive “reaction” of the body when the safety equipment is activated, thereby causing unnecessary injuries. In terms of performance, it is equipped with a MZRS-VT 1348cc straight-four engine with sufficient power and low fuel consumption. It is a very good choice.

Mazda 2 is a brand-new car series produced by Changan Mazda Automobile Co., Ltd. The firm exterior styling complements the local soft elements. Once it was launched, it was welcomed by consumers around the world.

Mazda 2(มาสด้า 2) is a brand new model with a novel design. It inherits the advantages of Mazda's car design, makes it more comfortable and stable to drive, improves environmental protection and safety performance, and responds to the echoes of society and the times.

The front of the car is streamlined, the center grid is small and cute, and the headlights are slender. The Mazda 2's front decoration is very simple. The front bumper is an integrated design that wraps the entire front of the car. The air intake grille is located under the center grid, mainly for decoration. The headlights are made of blackened material, and the outline is willow-shaped and changes with the changes in the body line, which is slightly different from different angles. Right below the headlights are the fog lights. The front and body frame are very strong, making it 5 stars in the European NCAP crash test.

The side curve of the Mazda 2 body is very beautiful, the side waistline shows a sense of fashion, and the side window frame is also very stylish. The designer used the design concept of four wheels and four corners, and the rear of the car slides down, leaving no space for the rear suspension. The tail design is very round, so it takes up the space of the trunk, but this can make the shape more avant-garde and fashionable, and more popular with young consumers. Mazda 2 has cleverly grasped some details. For example, the trunk can be opened with an electronic button, and there is no need to install a handle in the trunk, and the parking space will naturally become more tidy. In addition, his exterior rearview mirror has a large field of view, with almost no blind spots, and the frontal windward area is also small. These detailed designs can be said to be very delicate for such a car.

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