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Although regular exercise is a fantastic way to moderate your diabetes it is very GlucoShield  important that you take precautions. First and foremost you should make sure that you always monitor your blood sugar levels before, during and after exercise using a portable glucose meter. Although exercise can help control your blood sugar levels you need to be aware if any fluctuations occur. Secondly, you should always keep insulin and glucose nearby so that you can quickly address any potential blood sugar fluctuations.

Thirdly, you should make sure that you stay properly hydrated whilst working out as dehydration can can cause further blood sugar fluctuations. Finally and most importantly, you need to talk to your doctor before beginning an exercise plan. They will know about your health better than most people and therefore will be able to advise you of any further precautions you need to take when exercising.

Regular exercise can do wonders for your health, your appearance and your diabetes. If you want to command greater control over your diabetes then you should start getting physical today. Begin with just a daily brisk walk and then progressively work your way towards more intense forms of exercise. Before you know it you will have made huge steps in your health, your fitness and your diabetes management.



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