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Denzel Washington and Rami Malek starrer “The Little Things” is a mystery drama exploring the peculiar case of two cops whose personal obsession with serial killer cases causes hindrance in their search for the truth.

The people who have had a chance to watch the film have described the performances of Rami Malek and Denzel Washington as intriguing. In fact, their performances have been described as so brilliant that they will hook you up until the last minute of the film. However, about an hour into the film, the viewers get introduced to a completely new character who walks into the scene and takes a chunk of the viewer’s attention, only engaging them furthermore.

The story alludes us to the fact that the killer is a man named Albert Sparma. The character is portrayed by Jared Leto and has been shown as an obscure and lonely man with long hairs, a deadpan face, a melodious voice, and a very peculiar way of walking.

Jared Leto came into the prominence because of his affiliation with music. Currently, he is a singer, guitar player, and a founding member of the band called “Thirty Seconds to Mars.” After his stint in the music industry, he reckoned that acting was his passion. He now has no problems impressing those who come to see his performance on the screen.

He has been a part of innumerable high-quality films over the years, such as “Mr. Nobody,” “American Psycho,” “Suicide Squad,” “Requiem for a Dream,” “Chapter 27,” and “Dallas Buyers Club.”

Now, he is showing a completely new set of acting skills in “The Little Things,” and despite the presence of actors like Denzel Washington and Rami Malek, he has been described as the star of the film titled “Little Things.”

In his recent interview with Zoom, Jared Leto has described his character as more of a charmer rather than something terrifying. He explained in the interview that his character Albert Sparma has different layers of shades to his persona, and for him, he has never come across as anything terrifying. He thanked John Lee Hancock for whatever he was about to bring on the screen. He shared that John Lee Hancock has been his guide all along.

He explained further in the interview and said that he didn’t really bother himself with watching other serial killers. However, he did watch an awful amount of documentaries, observed some patterns, and did read whatever he could about the serial killers. However, he was specifically interested in the character and used to think about him all the time. He added in the interview that he wanted to go deep into the character and wanted to explore every basic nuance of his behavior. He wanted to know exactly why he couldn’t connect well with reality. Why did he use to think the way he used to think?

He shared in the interview that his job was to ask questions and seek answers. He added that asking questions and exploring answers is the biggest facet of his game.

Source :- https://a9webroot.com/suicide-squad-actor-jared-leto-has-added-touches-of-emotions-and-physicality-to-his-character/


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