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Nintendo and Lego have collaborated to bring the Lego Super Mario to life. It’s almost like a physical version of the Super Mario Maker game on the Nintendo Switch. The game delivers an interactive Mario who can light up and say hello!

However, this is not the first time that Lego and robotics have been combined. The Nintendo Labo and the Lego Boost are other examples of similar ventures.

Lego Boost

The Lego Boost is far from your usual lego play kits. It is basically a robotics set with enabled Bluetooth pairing. You can connect it to your phone or your tablet, and before you know it, you’ll find yourself falling down a lego rabbit hole. It is built for the users aged between 7-12 years. This might make it sound easy, but it is, in fact, quite challenging.

What’s interesting about this kit is that it has the technical pieces along with the regular bricks. This lets you customize and enhance the robots that you build. Pretty cool right? It also features an integrated motorized hub that can be connected to your devices via Bluetooth. You can then use the motors to turn heads, move, or even lift arms. If that’s not enough, it also has color and proximity sensors.

Nintendo Labo

Nintendo has a reputation for creating unique concepts for gaming and yet, Labo is surprisingly weird, even for them. It is essentially Switch connected cardboard. Who thinks of mixing robotics with cardboard? Think of it as an extremely fun version of a school science project. Sure, it’s not for everyone, but the very concept of it is exciting enough.

How Is Lego Super Mario Different?

So how is the Lego Super Mario different? Well for starters, it’s much simpler. It is designed for kids of the age seven and over. But it is still clever and wonderfully designed. The Lego sets largely follow the Mario theme, but that’s not all. It also contains elements of a larger game, making it more than a simple building kit. Lego Super Mario arrived on the 1st August and required you to download the Mario application on your phone or tablet so that it can display the interactive instructions.

What Can Lego Mario Do?

This little Lego Mario has expressive eyes that light up! He even has a glowing display on his chest that gives you power up information and the score. There is an integrated motion sensor which can also initiate audio responses. There is a scanner present under the Lego Mario which is capable of detecting enemy codes on bricks and triggering apt responses. The course challenges are timed. They begin when you tap on a pipe and end when you tap on a flag. The faster you finish a challenge, the more coins you earn. Other mini-games can be initiated through the coded bricks. Different outfits for Mario can be purchased separately and give him extra abilities. Check out the catsuit, it will earn you extra coins when Mario is made to climb walls. 

Mario also has Kinetic abilities, so watch out, or you end up losing points. However, through most of it, the game is casual, and you’re free to do as you please. There is a set of 10 expansion sets that can be bought separately to amp up the game. Other mini characters are also available for purchase as part of little mystery packs.

Here’s What You Can Do After Constructing the Sets

Once you’ve constructed the set’s, you can mix them up and create your challenges. The only aspects that need to remain constant are the tapping of the pipe to begin and finish on the flag. In between, you’re free to mix and match the pieces to create your challenges. You could even sync the challenge constructions with your friends and host timed online matches over a video call. Whoever manages to collect the maximum number of coins in time wins. The Lego Super Mario application keeps track of your score for you. You can even use the app to share your score with others. To make things more interesting, the application will also introduce challenges weekly.

So far, the game does feel more like a toy than a Mario video game. But the application can prevent the toy from going out of use once the initial excitement is over by offering continuous updates. If Lego can keep coming up with new design ideas to further build on the existing game, Lego Super Mario will continue to hold the interest of the kids. This game is quite open-ended, and though this has its perks, it does not do too well when it comes to maintaining long-term interest. Adding a few more constraints could really amp up the fun. Considering that this summer we don’t have much else to do apart from finding new ways of enjoying our time in quarantine, the new Lego Mario could prove to be quite addictive.

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