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But at this time, through the illusion of Xiao Hua looking down at the players of Baqi City below, his face showed a sinister smile. As soon as he bent down, Xiao Hua let the illusion reach out and put it on the magic spar. System prompt: Do you want to start the “self-destruct magic array”? Confirm When Xiao Hua gave a definite order, a stream of white energy like a torrent spread rapidly from the magic spar along the magic lines of the magic array. “What is that?” At this time, the player of Baqi City noticed the change of light above the building, looked at a sudden burst of dazzling white light there, and said in horror. What? Taniguchi looked up hurriedly. Boom But when Taniguchi raised his head, a huge dazzling white light suddenly exploded from the top of the building, covering the surrounding space with a radius of hundreds of meters in an instant. Dazzling white light in the night is so conspicuous, this is like a real nuclear bomb explosion scene, so that many players saw this scene, the heart is extremely shocked up. System Tip: You kill enemy Kamikawahara and earn 3 Battlefield Honors. System Tip: You kill enemy Kinoshita and gain 3 Battlefield Honors. System Tip: You kill the enemy Taniguchi tree and get 3 points of battlefield honor. System prompt: You kill … …… “Ha ha ha ha” Like a nuclear explosion, when the huge ball of light that destroyed everything exploded crazily in the night sky, Xiao Hua looked at the continuous system prompts that sounded in front of him, as well as the battlefield honor that rose crazily, and could not help laughing wildly. Battlefield tips: Huaxia area players “do not steal a wife” to kill 100 enemies in a row, completed the great cause of 100 people,hydraulic fitting supplier, won the title of “100 people chop.” System prompt: You have won the title of “Hundred People Chop” Battlefield tips: Huaxia area player “Do not steal a wife” has killed 1000 enemies in a row, completed the great cause of 1000 people, won the title of “1000 people chop” System prompt: You have won the title of “Thousand People Chop” Thousand Chop: This title is a passive title. It can only work on the battlefield. When the player kills the enemy on the battlefield, it can increase the player's attack power by 20% and defense power by 20%. After 1 hour, when the player dies in the battlefield or the battlefield is closed, the title disappears. Continuous hundred people chop and thousand people chop battlefield prompt sound sounded, so that countless fighting Piaoxuecheng players,ball valve manufacturer, can not help but Leng up. What is the situation? How is that possible? The player that gets these two news, the first time, it is to cannot help surging up this idea. In the moment just now, not stealing a wife is undoubtedly an instant killing of a thousand people. Even if the enemy stands together, the forbidden curse master uses the forbidden curse, it is impossible to kill a thousand people in an instant, how can you do it without stealing a wife? Endless doubts rose in the hearts of these players, and they all coincidentally opened the battlefield honor list. As a result, a look at the leaderboard, these players can not help but a black face. Originally, there was no shadow in the rankings, not to steal his wife and his teammates, 12 needle valve ,stainless steel needle valve, but at this time they were all ranked at the top with a super high battlefield honor of 6325. An enemy 3 battlefield honor, in just that moment, did not steal a wife, not killed the enemy 1000 people, but killed the enemy more than 2000 people. Not only these players who don't know the inside story, but also those who are in the same team with Xiao Hua, such as Zhan Wushuang and Matches, are shocked. Ha ha ha, good guy, really have you. “Looking at the instant soaring battlefield honor, Zhan Wushuang couldn't help laughing.” Don't steal, President. What happened? “What's the matter if you don't steal a wife?” Many guild presidents knew that killing more than two thousand people in an instant was not a skill effect, so they asked in a hurry. Attack everyone at full speed, do not let the rest of the enemy escape, “Xiao Hua first ignored the voice of these inquiries, but loudly issued the order of assault.”. The enemy has been blown up half of the enemy by the self-destruction magic array, and now it is necessary to take advantage of the enemy's panic to chase after the enemy and destroy it at one stroke. Chapter 656 three brothers and sisters in Kanzaki. After the explosion of the self-destructive magic array, the ruins of the buildings where the explosion occurred have been razed to the ground. In addition to the remnants of some buildings, the bodies of players in Baqi City have been left on the ground. The team led by Taniguchi has more than four thousand people, but now half of them are dead. The explosion came so suddenly that many surviving players in Baqi City did not understand what had happened, but looked at the bodies on the ground in horror. Looking at the aggressive players of Piaoxue City, these players of Baqi City finally woke up. But lost the building to rely on, coupled with the huge chaos caused by the explosion, a large group of members of the beauty paradise, immediately like a wolf into the sheep, ferociously killing these surviving players of Baqi City. Xiao Hua this guy, naturally will not miss this great opportunity to mix battlefield honor, mixed in the crowd, while commanding, while hunting the enemy. In addition to killing the enemy, Xiao Huacai told the presidents of the major guilds about the existence of the self-destructive magic array. As soon as the presidents of the major guilds heard that there were such abnormal things in the ruins of the small towns in the islands, the presidents in the ruins of the small town buildings hurriedly sent people to look for them. Although detonating the self-destructing magic array, it is counted as five times, but it can kill one or two thousand enemies in an instant, and a lot of players will compete to detonate it. Xiao Hua did not hide anything in this matter, and specifically explained that the self-destructive magic array may only appear at those important intersections. Under the guidance of Xiao Hua, a guild soon found the existence of the self-destructive magic array. After the news spread that a guild had found a self-destructive magic array, many guild presidents' eyes lit up, especially some small and medium-sized guilds, whose strength was not strong, but as long as they detonated a few more self-destructive magic arrays,14 tube fitting, the guild could make a lot of contributions. But even if you find the self-destructive magic array, it's not easy to blow up the enemy. Not everyone is as lucky as Xiao Hua. The enemy is lying in ambush at his feet. It's a large group of targets that can't move at all. But when Xiao Hua and others were about to destroy all the Japanese players who survived the explosion, some players succeeded in detonating the self-destructive magic array in their island one after another. chinaroke.com


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