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Superfoods All Must Consume

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The Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Gurgaon in collaboration with the Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Gurgaon states that the generation has been through severe issues with unhealthy eating, well, at least I have. This is not something I am proud of, and you only realise the weight of it all when your stomach is in knots, and you don't know whether it was the samosa you had that afternoon or decades of nasty eating habits.

The Addiction Treatment Centre in Gurgaon states that the truth is that maybe if we tried hard, we could eliminate a lot of junk food from our diets and resort to eating healthy for the rest of our lives. But at the end of it all, eating clean too can result in the worst episodes of bingeing because your mind feels like it has been restricted for an extended period and an eating disorder could develop.

So, how do we take at least a step towards healthy eating?

Apart from restricting certain foods, a more straightforward method is including certain foods so therefore here are some which have proved to be super useful in eliminating toxins as well as has a fair share of healthy fats to keep the body replenished.

The first Superfood to introduce to your diet is Chia seeds. Chia seeds have been on the rise due to several health fads making its way to the average “healthy” Youtuber's food. They are the seeds of a flowering plant called Salvia Hispanica from the mint family, and they could do wonders for the health of your family. Personally speaking, ever since I introduced my dad to Chia seeds, his cholesterol levels have dipped. So I mean if you’re concerned about that, you could try it too. It also is rich in Omega 3 and has fibre, calcium, and is right for your heart. The only downside is it could be a little bit expensive, but c'mon better than your medical bills.

It also has this quality due to which it swells or acquires a jelly-like texture so you can add it to your juice, smoothies, and oats or eat it directly. Flavor-wise, it's pretty bland so it would be better to eat it with any of the foods mentioned above or just sprinkle it over your salad.

The next Superfood is not solid but will do you a solid if you include it in your regimen before having anything else. This is Apple Cider Vinegar and let me tell you this liquid could be the elixir of life if it wanted to. Well, you're still going to die, but on the bright side it would make the process much more comfortable. Apple cider vinegar is apple juice, which is fermented and is also one of the main items that were introduced via a health fad and even a skincare hack.

By taking a concoction of apple cider vinegar and water daily you can combat weight gain, cholesterol, symptoms of diabetes, and also PCOS. Although the taste is very sour, you can mask it by adding some honey to your drink unless you have diabetes, then you'll have to take the fall, my friend. Also, it has been advised to take the juice through a straw because it can cause enamel damage. It has several other benefits as well making it one of the most original items in your pantry.

The third food that is good for all the right reasons is Oats. Oats are everything that you would want in your breakfast; a bowl of oatmeal with a generous topping of nuts and berries and chia seeds or flax seeds is an excellent source of fibre, antioxidants, and healthy fats and it's enough to keep you full till lunchtime, it's so much better than skipping breakfast just to binge on unhealthy food during lunch. Over these years, many food companies have also added a savoury variety of instant oats that may not be as good as the plain ones but surely will be a healthier alternative to Maggi. You can also make them ready to eat by soaking them in milk or a substitute for the night and then eating it on the go if you're always in a hurry.












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