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In recent years, the drone industry has developed rapidly, and drones have gradually entered the public eye. When some ordinary people come into contact with drones, they have not received professional training to control drones, which has also caused a large number of drones to “fly black”. For example, once an airport is continuously disrupted by drone activities in just one week, resulting in large-scale flight delays, return flights or temporary landing at other airports, causing serious losses to airlines and seriously affecting social and public order and safety. Drones The use of drone jammer can effectively limit the “black fly” situation.

mobile portable drone jammer

The drone signal jammer transmits high-power interference radio frequency signals by means of signal interference blocking, which interferes with the signal connection between the target drone and the operator, so that the drone cannot continue to be controlled, thereby triggering the drone's return to home and landing function. The UAV jammer can continuously transmit electromagnetic wave signals of directional signal frequency to the UAV within the effective range, cutting off the signal transmission between the target UAV and the ground remote controller. This jamming method does not target a single frequency signal, but all signals used by the drone. Therefore, drone jammers can work as long as they are in the frequency band used by drones.

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