SurfShark VPN review 2022 – Today we review one of the newest and upcoming forces in the VPN market – SurfShark VPN.

Deeply Hidden, SurfShark VPN Service is Eating Others Alive

SurfShark VPN is extremely private. So private, in fact, that their website only gives you the right amount of information you need. However, this is an enticing offer, as that is how you want your privacy to be kept. The bare minimum in propaganda, with excellent results, and features, unlike other companies.

SurfShark VPN review

Surfshark VPN is a company that aims to keep all your information completely concealed. They function like other VPN companies but have other features that others do not offer. Although their prices are a bit steeper than other VPN services, we think that the focus of the company is worth every penny.

In this SurfShark VPN review, we will go through some of the features we think are commendable and worthy of a look. These include:

  • Amount of Devices
  • Compatability
  • Privacy
  • Whitelist
  • CleanWeb
  • Kill Switch
  • Strict no-logs policy
  • Speed
  • Servers
  • Streaming
  • Support
  • Pricing

A Complete SurfShark VPN Review

Like we stated before, SurfShark is one of the most popular VPN services. This is because it is clean, very anonymous, and keeps most of its information hidden. All of this, while having all VPN features at comfortable prices. Just like its name, SurfShark is fierce and remains in the shadows. However, it attacks competition and crushes it in most instances.

SurfShark Features

Devices, Unlimited

During our investigation, we found in our SurfShark VPN review that this is one of the only VPN companies that has coverage for an unlimited amount of devices. There is no need to connect the VPN connection to your router in order to have unlimited coverage. With any plan purchased, you have assured a VPN connection to any amount of devices. However, be aware that the more devices you do connect, the slower your connection may become.

Compatible with a Large Array of Devices and Operating Systems

SurfShark VPN is compatible with all types of uses. These include:

  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Android tablets and phones
  • iOS devices, including iPads, iPhones, iMacs, and iBooks
  • MacOS
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Firestick and Fire TV
  • Trust DNS

Another great feature we find with SurfShark VPN is that it has the most amount of Netflix libraries. SurfShark offers a whopping 15 Netflix libraries. This is the most we have seen in any VPN service thus far. If you are not sure why this is a great deal, it is because of Netflix and its complicated geoblocks. You will be able to access all of the Netflix content worldwide without any restrictions at all. No matter where you are, you can access it all.

Privacy, All in

Like most VPN services, SurfShark has privacy features. However, SurfShark offers some advanced privacy features. They allow an extra layer of protection with a private DNS on every server.

SurfShark VPN review

SurfShark VPN also offers a MultiHop button. This allows you to route your online traffic through 2 separate servers at a time. Essentially, this means you enter through one server and exit through another. This makes tracking your online activity even more complicated.

Their encryption is the classic AES-256 bit. It would take a hacker millions of years to be able to enter your VPN tunnel and see your information. Additionally, your IP address will be hidden, ensuring that nobody knows your true location.

Whitelisting VPN Safe Data

SurfShark VPN review

Because some websites are VPN safe, meaning they blacklist (block) VPN connections, SurfShark found a way around this. Similar to split tunneling, you can whitelist any content that is not accessible through a VPN. Those apps and websites that deny access to VPN connections can be placed in a Whitelist, so when you want to access them, SurfShark will connect you through a direct connection from your IP to the site. This way you will not miss out on absolutely anything.

Cleanweb, Keep your Devices Safe

SurfShark VPN review

While doing this SurfShark VPN review, we found that this company offers cleanweb. This means that you can surf the web through your VPN connection. Although this feature should not be used for sensitive information, as it is not protected from the VPN tunnel. 

Kill Switch, Protection all the Way

Perhaps one of the most misunderstood features of a VPN is a killswitch. This feature will disable your internet connection if your VPN connection is in any sort of trouble. Any activity that might be harmful to your connection will automatically enable this feature. Your connection will be completely shut down, keeping your information safe.

No Logs, No Footprint

Another feature that we found great was SurfShark’s strict no-logs policy. SurfShark’s main location is in the British Virgin Islands. This means it does not have to follow the strict logging laws of the United States.

This also means the only information SurfShark keeps of yours is your email address (necessary for sign up) and billing information (if done through credit card). None of your surfing, times, pages, transactions, purchases, or streaming will be recorded at all. Nobody will ever know what you did at any time, on any day, at any year.

Speed, Vast

While doing this SurfShark VPN review, we found that SurfShark has great speed outcomes. The connection is vastly faster than other VPN's we have reviewed. Even remote servers have the same average speed for uploads, downloads, and streaming. Even connecting from one country to other results in very fast connection and speeds. This is a feature that is important to rely on for all VPN fans. The lowest speeds are located in third world country locations, but even then, the speed was impressive.

Servers, All Across the World

SurfShark offers over 3K servers in over 60 countries all over the world. Every continent has a server location. No matter where you are, you can connect to any of the servers they offer. If you happen to travel, you can easily connect to your home server, local server, or any other server of your choice.

No matter where you connect from, or which server you connect from, SurfShark guarantees a private, safe connection. Not only this but at top speeds.

Stream Anything

When it comes to streaming, SurfShark has a good variety. We already explained the advantage of Netflix with SurfShark. However, it also allows you to stream iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, iPlayer, Hulu, and more. Its strength is in Netflix, yet the other streaming services work almost at perfection with SurfShark.

24/7 Support

SurfShark has a support team that is around 24/7/365. They have the option of contacting through live chat, calls, or email. Most of the time issues are resolved in less than 24 hours. Most in even less than 12. No matter the issue, the team will try relentlessly to find a solution for your issue(s).

Pricing Plans : Is it Worth the Price?

SurfShark VPN review

Some VPN fans seem to think that SurfShark is a bit pricey. However, upon doing this SurfShark VPN review, we found that the price is fair for the features offered. Although they have habitual deals and discounts, we will name the normal rates, for better budgeting. SurfShark VPN offers a monthly plan that is worth $12.95. A six-month plan is $6.49 a month. A 2-year plan goes for as low as $2.49 a month. Not too expensive for all the features and security it offers, in our opinion.


Although SurfShark VPN has proven to be a great choice in VPN services, it also has its negatives. These include:

  • The need for an updated and more informative site
  • Better support for remote regions
  • A little update in its features
  • Lower prices, or a larger variety of packages

On a Final Note

SurfShark VPN review

What we have concluded in this review that SurfShark VPN is a great option and is definitely worth a try. It might seem very private (even on their own site), but is overall a reflection of the services they provide. With great speeds, a great Netflix library, and top speeds, it is a definite “why not?” It is worth the chance to try it out, you will be as surprised as we were.


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