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On December 17, 2020, Toyota launched the new VIOS, as well as the VIOS GR-S, via a live webcast. In addition to some cosmetic upgrades, the new toyota VIOS takes safety to the next level with the addition of Toyota Safety Sens. Both cars are still available in three tiers — 1.5G, 1.5E and 1.5J — with a 1.5-litre engine and a 7-speed variable transmission.

All models, except the entry-level 1.5J, come standard with Optition meters, including a 4.2-inch TFT color screen. High-end models come standard with leather seats and upholstery. In addition to the entry-level 1.5J option, the new VIOS is standard with the Toyota Safety Super Sense (TSS), which consists of a pre-collision system (PCS) and lane departure alarm (LDA), to further enhance safety.

Young people's first car, if you want to choose joint venture. – Japanese tanks will have more options As the entry-level family car of the Toyota family, the Vitch series is very competitive in price. Fit is no longer the only vehicle you can choose from within 100,000. With the increasingly fierce competition in the automobile market, the replacement speed of new cars is getting faster and faster. On August 14, the 2021 Toyota Vitch was officially launched. The appearance of the new Vitch listed on the market is slightly adjusted, the configuration is upgraded significantly, and the guiding price of 73,800 ~ 94,800 is enough conscience. Today Xiaobian will bring you a detailed interpretation.


On the outside, in order to meet the needs of young people chasing fashion and individuality, Toyota has offered a variety of exclusive colors for the new Vito, including lemon yellow and pearl white, and upgraded headlights and grille to give it a more dynamic look. The waist line of both new cars has been changed from a single waist line to a double waist line. The higher version provides a choice of skylight and aluminum alloy wheels. And there are curved lines under the doors, which add to the sporty side of the car. Toyota also used a two-color splicing of the rearview mirror to give the small car a more dynamic look. Roof, the three-box car used a slightly slip-back design, on the side appearance level, also has some contributions. The rear of the car, as a whole, compared with the old model of the new car tail changes little, is still based on the simple style, the design of the standard in line with the family car model positioning for home walking. In terms of body size, the new Toyota Vitch has a length of 4435 mm, a width of 1700 mm, a height of 1490mm and a wheelbase of 2550 mm.


The seats of some models are spliced in two colors, catering to the aesthetic taste of young consumers, and equipped with a 9-inch touch screen, which can realize voice control, mobile phone interconnection, Carli FE and other functions, from the configuration is very practical.


In terms of power, all models of 2021 are equipped with a 1.5L dual VVT-I engine, which has a good performance both in terms of power performance and fuel economy. For 5MT models, the maximum power of the engine is 81KW and the maximum torque is 138N·m. The maximum power of S-CVT model is 82KW, and the maximum torque is 139N·m. In terms of fuel consumption performance, the 5MT model of VICH has a fuel consumption of 5.1L per 100 km, while the S-CVT model has a fuel consumption of 4.9L per 100 km. The fuel consumption of Vitch FS 5MT model is 5.2L per 100 km, and that of S-CVT model is 5.0L per 100 km.

In a word, the price of this car is not too much pressure for the young people's first car, which is around 70,000 yuan, and it keeps its value very well. Since all the time, Toyota all stands tall in the market with the quality that its leather is resistant to build, this new type of weichi, not only have this quality, the preferential strength on the price is also unprecedented, believe it will occupy more market share in the future.


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