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Security is getting more and more. Technology is developing rapidly. Like it or not, our country, Indonesia, must participate in the following technological advancements including the automotive industry.

Recently, another innovation in the automotive world is the emergence of electric vehicles. The reason is that electric cars are considered a means of transportation in the future. Maybe cars that use gasoline and other fuels will no longer run.

Therefore, many automakers compete with each other to produce four-wheel electric vehicles.Including Indonesia (Indonesia), which we do not want to be surpassed by other countries, the government issued a presidential regulation on the acceleration of electric vehicle plans in 2019. Below, I got it from a source.In other words, one of the first automakers to develop electric vehicles was Tesla.

Just like the recent uproar news, Gansis (Gansis), a crazy rich man from Medan, couldn't sleep either. He lost sleep, and finally bought this Tesla electric car online.However, it is well known that electric vehicles entering Indonesia are still relatively expensive, with approximately Rs 600 million being the cheapest. It is really amazing, as if an evil soul is beating you.

The price issue also seems to be an obstacle to us. You can say that only certain people (such as Crazy Rich) can buy and enjoy a series of exquisite equipment from these electric cars.In fact, it is said that this kind of electric car has many advantages, so it is considered as a kind of transportation in the future.

Perhaps what our country can do is to produce electric cars that are slightly different from the original materials, so that the price will not be too expensive and can be enjoyed by people with moderate economic levels.The reason is that compared with ordinary fuel vehicles, the price can be said to be twice the original.

Therefore, the production of electric vehicles must also be adjusted to the economic level of each country. Yes, it brings economic income and money problems again. We are talking about reality, and more realistically about talking, because you have to spend money to buy something. If you don’t have a lot of money, you don’t have to buy an electric car. Maybe it's best to think about how to keep the kitchen hot.
But, apart from that, I personally really support the emergence of electric vehicles, which is an improvement in the automotive field, one of which is environmentally friendly.However, the earth and its ecosystem must be protected. Do not destroy the earth in the future because of exposure to pollution and harmful chemicals (which may destroy the ozone layer).So, if I can imagine and have a lot of money, why not buy this electric car? Later, it can be used as a private vehicle and can be used for long-distance travel, such as out of town and meeting with you. Although the trouble with this car is that it uses a charging function like a mobile phone.

Charges should be carried out along the way, so that when the battery is exhausted, you only need to recharge it. Well, if it is not powered up again, it will not reach the destination. Therefore, it is indeed necessary to conduct further tests on the electric vehicle, including its on-site practice, to make it more stable.

But according to the development speed of our automobile industry, I think it will take a long time to really promote most electric vehicles, at least ten years. As a Honda Brv consumer that I bought a year ago, I plan to replace it at least five years ago, because the car itself is not a product I often buy, so I think it will take a long time.


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