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Adult human beings have 32 teeth in their mouth divided into incisor, molar, premolar, and canine types. The molars are the most prominent teeth in the oral cavity, of which four erupt last in the oral cavity. The third molars situated two above, two below on each jaw, and also at the back of the mouth, are referred to as wisdom teeth.

Pre-Emptive Precautions

If the wisdom teeth cannot usually emerge or don't have room to grow, it can cause several problems in the patient. In most cases, problems with wisdom teeth require extraction. However, some dentists suggest taking out the impacted wisdom teeth earlier because of the following reasons:

  • The impacted wisdom tooth doesn't have enough space, so it will be hard for the dentist to access and clean it.
  • Young people are less prone to impacted wisdom teeth problems, whereas people with advanced age are more vulnerable to these problems.
  • There can be oral disease issues in wisdom teeth as well, but you might not come across any visible symptoms.

Wisdom teeth with faulty positioning or improper emerging are known as impacted wisdom teeth. It can cause damage to other teeth, pain, and other oral issues. They are hard to access and therefore show a greater probability of getting infected, gum disease, and tooth decay. It is best to consult the doctors at the Best Dental Hospital in Jaipur for any problems with a wisdom tooth.

Different Types Of Faulty Positioning

The wisdom teeth might not erupt at all for some people, and others may experience only partial appearance. The different types of positions of an impacted wisdom tooth can be stated as:

  • It may grow skewed towards the second molar.
  • It may show angular growth towards the back of the oral cavity.
  • It can grow in a ‘lying down position' within the jawbone.
  • It can grow upwards or downwards like other teeth but stay confined within the mandible.

    The dental surgeon will determine the required surgical treatment according to the state of the patient's wisdom teeth.

Symptoms Of Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Impacted wisdom teeth don't need to have a symptom mandatorily. In a normal situation, it can remain asymptomatic. However, if the wisdom teeth affect other teeth adversely, gets infected, or causes other dental problems, then it may show the following symptoms:

  • Inflamed and reddish gums
  • Bloody or tender gum tissue
  • Pain in the jaw
  • Smelly breath
  • The patient may experience a disagreeable taste in the mouth.
  • Problems in moving the mouth

If you observe these problems in your oral cavity, you must contact the most experienced root canal dentist in Jaipur.

Causes Of The Impacted Wisdom Teeth

The principal reason for wisdom teeth getting impacted is the unavailability of space in the jaw among the other teeth. However, mainly because of the absence of the needed space, the teeth cannot develop properly and line up behind the second molars. The positioning and the faulty growth of the teeth result in an incomplete appearance (partially impacted), or it doesn't come out at all (completely impacted).

In humans, wisdom teeth erupt at the age of 17 – 25. It is not observed in all human beings and may not give any signs during its eruption in the oral cavity. However, impacted teeth may cause several problems in the oral cavity of a patient.

Complications occurring due to impacted wisdom teeth

Impacted wisdom teeth can cause many problems in the patients' oral cavity, some of which can be listed as:

  • The impacted wisdom teeth can put pressure against the second molar, either damaging or increasing the possibility of infection in that area. The stress can affect the other teeth due to crowding, which may need specialized orthodontic equipment to treat.
  • The impacted wisdom teeth may develop a fluid-filled sac inside the jawbone. This outgrowth can grow into a cyst, harming the neighboring teeth, nerves, and jawbone. A non-cancerous tumor may develop, but the chances of that happening is very low. The dental surgeon may have to remove tissue and bone in case of surgical treatment of the tumor.
  • Partially impacted wisdom teeth have a higher probability of getting affected by caries or tooth decay. The reason may be the improper cleaning of the impacted teeth due to problematic access, allowing food particles to get trapped between the gum and an incompletely appeared tooth. Bacteria grow on this food particle and cause decay.
  • The difficulty of cleaning a partially impacted wisdom tooth can increase the probability of pericoronitis – a painful, inflammatory state of the gum in the area of the faulty impaction.

Difficulties After Wisdom Tooth Surgery

A problematic wisdom tooth is removed surgically by an experienced dental surgeon. However, in case of serious complications, the surgeon may cut open the gum and remove the bone. The different complications arising from this procedure can be listed as:

  • Bacterial infection in the site of the surgical wound, otherwise known as a socket.
  • Pain due to drying of the socket or the dislodging of the post-surgical clot from the location of the operation.
  • Harm to the neighboring nerves, maxilla, teeth, or sinuses.

Clinic With The Best Arrangement

Pain, swelling, and difficulty in chewing are common in teeth problems, often remedied with removable fake teeth in Jaipur. However, in seriously impacted wisdom tooth issues, the surgical method is usually the only practical way. It is always best to go through these surgical procedures in a clinic where all the needed medicines and instruments are present. So, if you are looking for the most effective management for your impacted wisdom teeth, get in touch with Dr. Nawal’s Dental Clinic for the best treatment.

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