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Hearing is not diminished by damage to the external ear. When noise damages the inner ear, there is hearing loss, according to an associate professor of audiology at the University of Iowa. He presented as much in his paper for a recent noise symposium held at his University, sponsored by the Noise Technical Assistance Center through the US Environmental Protection Agency.

The tiny hair cells, called cilia, of the inner ear are destroyed by noise, which results in hearing defects. Stimuli brush the cilia, which send electrical signals to the brain for perception. The sense of hearing naturally declines with age. There are many cases of hearing loss at younger ages, especially those related to prolonged exposure to loud noise.

Unlike skin cells, for example, cilia do not regenerate. Sounds are amplified, not distinguished, by hearing aids. Soft, high pitched sounds are the first sounds lost due to such injury. With the progression of hearing loss comes a sense of isolation, as victims cannot hold conversations or even listen to the radio.



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