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The sound of broken glass sounded, and under the impact of this huge and boundless blood, all the acupoints in Shaohao's body broke open. “Hum” The golden splendor comes out, and in this splendor, the stars shine. Two. Two One thousand two hundred and ninety-six acupoints and orifices are opened together. The orifices reach hundreds of orifices, and 129600 acupoints and orifices in an instant, all lit up like brilliant stars. The orifices reach all the orifices, and Qi and blood run through the whole body. The body explodes to drink, the mountain giant ape body huge strength, all swallows into the body. The vast Qi and blood run through the acupoints and orifices of the whole body, like a surging river, vast and endless. “Boom” Dao Jinhui soared into the sky from the top of Shaohao's head, and the golden brilliance was like a pillar of light leading to the sky. The mountain giant ape turned into a pile of ashes, and all the strength was refined by Shaohao, opening the whole body's acupoints and orifices, and Qi and blood were like a rainbow, reaching the sky and the earth. Okay, okay, okay. Feeling the great changes in his body, Shaohao was overjoyed. All over the sky, Shaohao jumped down the hill and hit the huge cliff in front of him with a hard punch. “Boom” The golden splendor explodes, and the monstrous power suddenly erupts. Under the impact of the fist, the cliff exploded and turned into pieces of rubble. Eucharistic Xiaocheng, I have reached the limit of moving blood. According to the standard given by the Supreme Hall, moving blood has 360,000 jins of strength. Shaohao opens the acupoints of the whole body, and the holy body is small. He has successfully achieved this goal. Go deep into the Great Wilderness,Blue Bottle Serum, experience for two years, and finally complete the practice. Having achieved the goal of moving the blood realm, the body is several times stronger than the pure-blood spirit cub, and the goal of moving the blood realm invincible has been achieved. At this point, Shaohao's task of experiencing the Great Wilderness has essentially been completed. The only difference is that the journey has not been completed. There's still some way to go, so finish it. Travel three hundred thousand miles alone and experience the Great Wilderness. Now I have walked more than two hundred thousand miles, and the rest of the journey will continue to go down. Stepping out of the broken cliff, Shaohao casually found a direction and stepped forward. Ow! At this time, Shaohao suddenly heard a huge roar of animals in the distance. Shaohao hurriedly turned his head and looked in the direction of the roar. At this time, someone went deep into the wilderness. In the direction of the roar of the beast, Shaohao saw a huge flying Jiao. The blue flying Jiao is twenty feet long, covered with blue scales, shining brightly. Feijiao has a pair of giant wings on its back, shaped like bat wings. Spread your wings, 16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps ,glass cream jars, and the flying Jiao roars through the air. Sitting on the back of Fei Jiao was a middle-aged man and three children. All of them are gorgeously dressed and have extraordinary momentum. If they want to go deep into the wilderness, let them go. I don't care. Shaohao no longer paid attention to the people on Feijiao, turned around and continued to walk. Boy, stop right there. Shaohao just took a step, but heard the voice of the bossy drink, which made Shaohao frown. Boy, there was a vision here just now. If there is a golden rainbow leading to the sky, there must be a rare treasure born. Hand it over quickly, and I will spare your life. The middle-aged man on Feijiao stood with his hands on his back, staring at Shaohao with a haughty and indifferent face, as if he were a big man who dominated the life and death of hundreds of millions of people. Chapter 562 myths and legends, horror monstrous. “The golden rainbow reaches the sky, and a rare treasure is born.” Shaohao was slightly stupefied and immediately understood. I'm afraid these people saw the vision when he broke through the cultivation and thought that some strange treasure was born. Thinking of this, Shaohao laughed and shook his head in silence. Well, how dare you resist. Seeing Shaohao shaking his head, the middle-aged man flew into a rage. “This place is only a thousand miles away from Luofu Shuize. What clan do you come from? Do you dare to disobey the will of my Luofu royal family? Do you want to exterminate the clan?” Fei Jiao swept across the sky and flew to Shaohao in an instant. The middle-aged man stared at Shaohao mercilessly and was about to have an attack. Then “Ow!” Flying Jiao, floating over Shaohao's head, suddenly screamed in horror and fell to the ground with a “boom”. Ah The middle-aged man and three children exclaimed and jumped down from the back of Feijiao in a mess, with a dusty face. “Damn, how dare you hurt my royal beast of the Louvre!” The middle-aged man thought it was Shaohao who attacked Feijiao and was about to attack, but found that Feijiao did not seem to be injured, but was afraid. “Whoo” Fei Jiao crawled on the ground, buried his head deeply, shivering all over, and kept wailing in his mouth. This is The middle-aged man was stunned and shocked. Fei Jiao is a special beast of Luofu Shuize. Even the dragon dares to fight. It is very fierce. Now he's scared and he's shaking with fear. “The child was nothing but an ordinary pauper, ragged and dirty.” The middle-aged man suddenly smelled a strong smell of blood, as if after endless fighting, continuous fighting, thus accumulating a strong smell of blood. He “he” The middle-aged man looked at Shaohao in horror. The child, five or six years old, was dressed in rags and covered with thick black dirt. The smell of blood came from the dirt. This is experienced too little fighting, to deposit such a strong bloody atmosphere. Luofu Shuize is deep in the Great Wilderness, far away from the hinterland of the human race, and naturally there are not a few wars and fights. This middle-aged man, as an important member of the Louvre, naturally will not lack the experience of fighting. However, in this five or six-year-old child, he felt the smell of blood, unexpectedly let him feel the innumerable ferocious beast breath. There are wild beasts, wild birds of prey, and even the smell of blood of ancient relics. Oh, my God, what is the origin of this child? The middle-aged man's heart “stomped” and suddenly remembered a legend in the Great Wilderness. Legend has it that the pure-blooded cub of the true spirit, the heir of the ancient kingdom of the Great Wilderness, and these talented people will be sent by their families to experience the Great Wilderness in their childhood. One hundred thousand miles of blood road,Glass Cream Jars, experience and fight, and achieve invincible posture. This legend turns out to be true. It's really true that some people can travel alone in their childhood for a hundred thousand miles. This is terrible. The middle-aged man felt deeply about the dangers and horrors of the Great Wilderness. Even now, he himself dare not say that he can safely walk through a hundred thousand miles of wilderness. penghuangbottle.com


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