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We have tried to debunk the popular myths about cybersecurity. Understand the reality about cybersecurity and keep yourself protected.

  • Myth: Only certain Industries are prone to Cyberattacks.
  • Fact: Any industry which has an online presence is a potential Cybercrime victim.
  • Myth: Using Anti-virus/Anti-Malware software is enough
  • Fact: Software can’t protect from all cyber-risks.
  • Myth: Small and Medium scale businesses are not at risk and will not be targeted by hackers.
  • Fact: Any business which has sensitive information and an online presence is vulnerable to an attack.
  • Myth: Someone outside the organization can facilitate an attack.
  • Fact: Insiders can also facilitate an attack and it could be difficult to find them.
  • Myth: A strong password will suffice.
  • Fact: Although a strong password is important yet it can be compromised.
  • Myth: If a WiFi has a password, it is safe.
  • Fact: All public WiFi can be compromised even with a password.
  • Myth: BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is secure for use at work.
  • Fact: Any smart device can compromise the security of the entire network.
  • Myth: 100% Cybersecurity is achievable.
  • Fact: New threats emerge every day, Cyber preparedness is ongoing.


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