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Take Pride in Your Longhorn Necklace

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Often seen as a symbol of Texas, the image of a Longhorn bull is a source of appreciation and pride for many people. Everyone has their own idea about the Longhorn image and their own relationship to the symbol, so some feel more of a connection to it than others because of what it represents to them.

If you or a loved one have Longhorn pride, whether you are from or live in Austin or associate with the University of Texas, you might want to consider wearing the symbol in a form of accentuating jewelry. A Longhorn necklace has become a popular way to show off pride for this symbol in a refined way– and we are glad it has become such.

What It Represents
A Texas Longhorn is often seen as a symbol of attributes such as strength, solidarity, and hope even in the face of adversity. It is a great reminder for people to stand true and stay the course even when things get difficult.

Texas Pride
Out of any state in the country, Texas is known for having some of the most passionate residents who take pride in their statehood. And with Texas’s unique history, we can see how that has evolved over time. Texas is a large state with a distinct culture in the nation and has created or inspired some national treasures as a result.

The Texas Longhorn is the mascot for the University of Texas, a beloved place of higher learning in the U.S.A. The Longhorn represents a sense of pride in being from Texas and is a beautiful symbol at that.

Beautiful Design
On top of everything this symbol represents to people everywhere, the image and design of the Longhorn symbol is one that is easy on the eyes. It is a beautiful symbol, representative of a noble animal. A Longhorn necklace may have more personal value to you, but you can also enjoy it just as a piece of jewelry design.

It could add a nice touch to your outfits in the form of a simple pendant necklace that is easy to wear with lots of different styles of clothing and you can even pair it with your other favorite pieces of jewelry. Whether you are getting dressed up or just keeping things simple to spend the day with friends, you can enjoy the charm and appeal of this pendant necklace. Just find one that looks universally flattering and enjoy that.

You do not have to think too hard about how you are going to style it and integrate it naturally into your wardrobe, as you might with other everyday pieces of jewelry. An elegant Longhorn necklace that looks like a standalone piece of jewelry can offer you plenty of use and versatility in a way that feels refined.

If you need any recommendations for buying a nice Longhorn necklace of your own, we would suggest taking a look at the Longhorn jewelry collection designed and crafted by Roberto Coin, an Italian designer. Korman Fine Jewelry is licensed through the University of Texas and their offerings from Roberto Coin are the best examples of the jewelry we described here. The pieces are minimal and easy to wear for any occasion, and still feel sophisticated at the same time.

Their collection includes a few unique sizes of gold Longhorn necklaces so you can take your pick for which one is best for you or as a gift for a loved one. You can find this collection online at kormanfinejewelry.com where they carry high-end jewelry lines from popular designers such as Roberto Coin. An impressive advantage of purchasing these through Korman Fine Jewelry is that 15% of their proceeds from these necklaces go back to the University of Texas! Hook ‘em!

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