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Taking an Uber in Sacramento! Taxi vs uber! Everything You Need to Know.

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It was a pivotal moment. Decision time. Call a cab or take an early morning uber in Sacramento? Okay…I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me back up to a few minutes earlier in this story.


“Natural Mystic” on my smartphone startled me awake on the eve of Thanksgiving. I reached for my cell phone and as I turned the alarm off I yelled, “F#$@!” so loud that my neighbors must have woken up. I sprung out of bed, ran into the bathroom, took a two-minute shower. Ran a comb through my hair, brushed my teeth and jumped into my clothes…all while cursing myself for hitting the snooze button a second time.


It was 6:10 a.m, I overslept an hour and ten minutes. My flight out of Sacramento International Airport was set to leave at 8:45 a.m and I was scampering around my apartment in Vacaville. a good 30 minutes (without traffic) away.


I got hit with a 4X surge price, but I didn’t really care, I just needed a ride to get to the airport fast.


Wild thoughts of running through the airport like a madman only to be denied entrance at the gate because I was a minute late raced through my head. I picked up my cell phone and hit the Uber App and ordered an Uber to Sacramento Airport.


Uber Rates Sacramento VS Taxi Rates!


In the past most of us would never think to compare Uber rates VS taxi fares in Sacramento. Even though taxis have been available for much longer than Uber in and around Sacramento we tend to just go with Uber because it’s what’s trending. But nowadays a lot of people start asking Is Uber cheaper than a taxi? taxis are mostly cheaper for longer distance trips as they’re moving at high speed, and they give discounts as well!, while Uber is might be a better choice for trips in congested areas like downtown Sacramento City


In the past, If you needed a cab in a hurry you had to call and wait or run out into the street and hail one. Uber’s technology and convenience have disrupted and revolutionized the way we get around, that’s without a doubt. However…is taking rider share or an Uber really a better choice than taking a taxi in Sacramento?

Newsworthy But Controversial


Recently, Uber has been making headlines! and getting a lot of negative press coverage across the globe for issues related to safety. Service quality and owners’ political affiliations. The wave of media attention started after several alarming incidents. reported by both Uber passengers and drivers were made public. Just type ‘uber driver’ or ‘uber passenger’ on Google and you’ll find a host of articles! with titles including assault, lawsuit, inappropriate behavior, attack and other negative words.


All this media attention accounted for a dramatic spike in the organic search keywords “delete uber account”!! And the emergence of the #deleteuber tag in social media.


Here in Sacramento Uber has had reports of drivers harassing female passengers! which I will go over in detail later in this article.

After an extensive investigation into a variety of factors like service quality, safety, and cost. Of both taxi service near me and Uber in Sacramento. I have put together this comparison piece that every user should consider to mull over.


Rider Share And Uber VS Taxi Rates And Costs In Sacramento

I started my research on the internet by first looking into the average cab cost in Sacramento and surrounding areas. After asking my trusted friend Google a series of question. It gave me a site that calculates taxi fares anywhere in the United States. And it turns out that It costs roughly $63.00 plus tip. For a 15-mile taxi ride from Davis (where I live) to Sacramento International Airport. And noted that Sacramento Taxi Yellow Cab has discounts for airport shuttles trips!

I compared the sixty-three dollar Sacramento taxi rate to Sacramento Uber’s rate budget car (Uber X) in Sacramento and found that the budget option gives a maximum estimate of $30.00. So the Uber X service offers significant saving opportunities. When compared to the average taxi in Sacramento. However, before we write taxis off, it is important to note that the premium Uber service, Uber Black, can rack up charges of up to $118.00 for the same trip. That is nearly double the cost of the Sacramento taxi service. All that low rates for Uber X ride will make you think twice before taking a ride! as I might lose some part of service compare to a legit taxi service.


On the surface, it would appear that Uber is better! from a cost perspective than taxis in Sacramento. However, much like the price difference between Uber X and Uber Black, users must be aware that Uber In Sacramento has a feature known as “surge pricing”! Basically, surge pricing is activated during times of high demand!! And is supposed to benefit both drivers and passengers by assigning cars to those who need them most.


Basically, if you’ve got the money to shell out when prices surge, the car is yours. If you don’t have the dough, well…you just have to sit and wait until prices go back down! or like most people doing, Call a cab! Surge pricing increases the cost of an Uber by a percentage of the regular cost. and sometimes users can expect to pay as high as two and three times the normal prices.


Surge pricing is the number one complaint of Uber users in Sacramento and worldwide. Outrage over surge pricing in times of crisis such as the London Bridge terror attack in the UK! caused controversy across social media. when Uber was criticized for insensitivity and price gouging!! by taking advantage of users during an emergency situation.


So my conclusion on the uber vs taxi cost in Sacramento? Uber can be cheaper than a taxi, but not in all situations. There are times when Uber can save you some money and other times it can gouge a big, unexpected hole in your wallet. It’s the passenger’s responsibility to be diligent enough to compare prices.


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