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You may be one of those shoppers who are interested in buying premium bath linen, like the ones sold on Welspun. However, the buck does not stop there. You need to know that bath linen requires special care, which in turn ensures increased lifespan and consistent material quality.

How Do I Wash Linen Towels

Surprisingly, this is an oft-asked question, which begs another question: how wrongly have we been washing our bath linen all this time? Here are some ideas to set you on the right track.

  • As soon as you buy bath linen, make sure to wash them with ½ cup white vinegar. The colours stay on for longer because the vinegar helps set the dye. Vinegar also maintains absorbency.
  • When laundering bath linen, put them together, not separately. Rule of thumb: colours together, whites together, never combine the two. When you wash just the towels in any machine cycle, you avoid creating ‘pills’, which is the annoying fabric bunching instance that happens when you try putting towels with other clothes.
  • Clothes with zippers or buttons on them can prove disastrous when combined with bath linen wash loads.
  • Keep the load light to medium, never stuffed or heavy. This is especially important if your machine comes equipped with a dryer facility. Good air circulation leads to the fluffier fabric. Too stuffy the load, and you will see stiff fabric leave your washer.
  • To get rid of musty odours, add ½ cup baking soda to your preferred detergent. This is useful for bath linen that has been repurposed for gym or swimming use.
  • Speaking of detergent, dilute it with water and add to the tray in your machine. Do not pour it directly on your bath linen and then wait for the water to mix it up.
  • Bath linen is great when soft, and fabric softeners (as contrary as it may seem) do not help in this regard. They mat the fibers down and create build-up over time, leading to stiff or frayed linen.
  • If tumble-drying is your preference, go for medium heat settings. Anything else will only mess with the linen fabric.
  • Do not iron your bath linen. This might seem counterintuitive, but towels can do without ironing. With linen fabric, even if your iron comes designed with a ‘linen’ setting, it is advisable that you do not iron it at all.

Aim to replace your bath linen every year. Over time, towels get less absorbent and stiffer, making them practically useless in the washroom. Welspun has some interesting choices you can check out.


All the tips and ideas you need to prolong the lifespan of your bath linen has been provided above. These not only ensure that you spend less on linen shopping in, say, a year or two years, but it also helps you enjoy the softness and absorbency of your bath linen for longer. After all, everyone wants to have towels that feel ‘as good as new’.


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