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Nana of Talentless Nana is a merciless killer. Despite her sweet and caring personality, Nana can ruthlessly kill anyone as long as she gets to complete her mission. The government entrusted Nana with a mission to eradicate the ability users from this world, and Nana is doing a pretty good job at wiping out the students one by one. But deep down in her heart, she developed feelings and sympathy for some ability users, especially for Michiru, who has been supporting Nana since day one.

After killing a ton of ability users, Nana is contemplating government plans and especially the official kill count record for each ability user. Nana, who is responsible for the deaths of many students, finally questions her moral and the government plans for eradicating the Enemy of Mankind.

This sudden change in Nana’s perception is the result of Michiru’s kindness and love for the people around her. Throughout the series, Nana was instructed that all the ability users are demons and that she must take out each of them to protect humanity. But as Nana lives among the ability users, she finally realized that the ability users are not evil and are just regular human beings born with supernatural powers.

In her mission reports, the government officials mentioned the future kill count of each ability user. In the reports, Michiru was suspected of killing at least 150,000 people in the future. According to Nana’s observation, Michiru doesn’t have any ability that can cause harm to people. Instead, Michiru is gifted with the powers of healing, and she can heal wounds by sacrificing her life force up to some minutes.

Michiru’s ability is harmless and considering Nana’s new affection for Michiru, she embarks on a side-journey to find out more about the government plans while keeping her facade of being an undercover agent at the ability school. In Nana’s journey to kill all the ability users, she develops a soft spot for Michiru. Jin Tachibana, the last survivor of the ability user war, also confirms that the killing numbers are pointless as ability users are nothing but small kids who can perform a few magic tricks. They are incapable of spreading such atrocities. He also forces Nana to contact her base and let him talk to the supervisors.

Nana is confronted with herself about Michiru’s future kill count. In episode 11, Nana finds Michiru unconscious in the bathroom. She takes her out and upon investigating, she finds out Michiru used a lot of life force while healing the cat Jin gave her the other day. Nana began experiencing conflicts in her mind because a caring girl like Michiru, who can give in her life force to save a random cat, can never commit such crimes. Even if she changes her persona in the future, her ability is not useful in combats and wars.

The government was using Nana as a side-kick, and a disposable government war tool, Nana plans to uncover the truth between the government knowledge of ability users and her knowledge of the Enemy of Mankind. After all, Nana is doing all the dirty work for the government to take revenge against her parents’ murderer but her decision to join the government as a puppet wears off when she starts understanding life inside the ability school.

With only one episode left, a lot of questions are left unanswered, and fans can expect a season two as there is so much more that needs some clarification including the sudden arrival of Nana’s teacher Tsuruoka, who is considered grim and merciless. The next episode of Talentless Nana will shed light on Tsuruoka’s relationship with Nana and Nana’s realization of her mission of eradicating the ability users from the ability school.

Source: Talentless Nana: Nana Realizes Her Love For Michiru


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