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In the previous episode of Talentless Nana, the viewers saw how Nana was outsmarted by the necromancer Yuuka. She was caught red-handed and accepted that she was the murderer of the students who had disappeared or been killed on the island. However, Nana is an expert in manipulation and knows how to take advantage of her adversaries’ weaknesses. She knows that people naturally believe other people more than facts, which gives room for her to make the next move. Nana takes advantage of the necromancer’s obsession with Shinji and promises to help her convey Shinji’s thoughts. Yuuka’s powers do not allow her to read the thoughts of the dead, and Nana knows it. She exploits her weakness and concludes that her worries about being exposed by the Necromance are unfounded.

When Nana manages to escape Yuuka’s apartment, she finds herself in even bigger trouble. Zombies sent by Yuuka chases her. Nana is told by Yuuka that there are too many corpses of super-powered bodies on the island, so she would never run out of zombies to use against her. Nana realizes that the government is hiding a lot of secrets from her. However, she already has too much to worry about, so she can’t think about it.

Yuuka tells Nana another secret that she requires to hold possession of the dead person with herself to control them. Since Shinji is always around her, Nana can’t get near her, especially when a zombie group chases her. However, she now knows that Yuuka controls Shinji using the necklace around her neck. She decides to hide in a cabin in the woods to avoid the zombies. Unfortunately, she gets trapped in it. But since the sunrises, Yuuka’s powers become useless, so she locks up Nana in the cabin to go back to school.

However, she does not know that Nana has already removed the screws of the cabin, which means she can escape anytime. Nana only wanted to see if Yuuka can use her powers after sunrise so that she can use it to her advantage next time they meet. Once she has seen all the flaws in Yuuka’s power, she prepares herself to make her next move.

Nana later surprises Yuuka by taking the piece of paper from her back pocket. She realizes that Yuuka had been deceiving her the whole time. It was not the necklace that she used to control Shinji but that torn piece of paper. Nana knows how important Shinji is for her and uses the piece of paper to hold her hostage. Yuuka is trapped; she wants to get Shinji’s possession back, so she begs Nana.

Nana suddenly realizes all the inconsistencies in Yuuka’s stories so far. She ruthlessly exposes her lies and gives a fatal blow to all her fantasies. She points out that Shinji cannot be his boyfriend because if they were so close, then the piece of paper would not have been the only possession she would have of him. It turns out that Yuuka was only Shinji’s stalker and never her girlfriend. Yuuka even reveals that she murdered him because of her jealousy. However, by this point, Nana has had enough, and she uses the poisonous needle to kill her on the spot.

In the final scene of the episode, Nana introspects whether she would have killed Yuuka if her reasoning was wrong and Yuuka was Shinji’s girlfriend? It portrays a crucial point in the overall plot since Nana had never second-guessed her decision so far, even when she killed innocent students. It marks a shift in her thought process, and it will be interesting to see how her character develops from here.

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