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A rather interesting take on the catgirls cliche comes from the revised version of the 1988 TV series Tama and Friends. Tama of the 3rd District – Have you seen my Tama? It is a cute 90s TV show about cats and dogs who tries to understand the world around them.

The story is inspired by a real incident about a missing cat poster in Japan. The series is adorable in every aspect of animation, voice acting, and character designing. No wonder Sony has been pushing this series since 1983 with movies, OVA’s, manga, and products to market the cute cats to worldwide audiences.

The show revolves around cats and dogs, presented as humans with cat ears and animal tendencies. They fall, run, hunt for food, and do everything pets do in their natural habitat. Unlike the formal relationship between cats & dogs, based on rivalry, Uchitama?! Have you seen my Tama? focuses on learning and enjoying the little things in life in a friendly and cutesy manner.  

Tama of the 3rd District Have you seen my Tama? gives a fresh perspective into the life of cats and dogs living together. You can find some cute cats trailing on to some food in the park, discussing their next sleeping spots and trying to understand the world around them.

Both cats and gods speak to each other, and they even understand their owners very well, but human technology is a strange thing for them. As animals, they are not aware of smartphones, computers, TVs, air conditioning, and vehicles. In the new version, the humanoid cats bump into cars, play on seesaws, and learn about the human world.

The limited plot gives a lot of room for slice-of-life stories for writers. As a kids TV show, Tama of the 3rd District Have you seen my Tama? offers a lot of freedom to explore the world of pets and their daily activities in the human world.

The cute animals are heartwarming and allow users to forget about their worries and relieve stress and anxiety. The writers put the animals into interesting situations that feel warm to the human heart. The cute animals try their best to solve the mysteries of the human world with the little knowledge they have.

The anime is officially streaming on Crunchyroll, and a total of six episodes have been released till now. The story follows the adventure of the male cat Tama, who runs around in his area and develops a friendship with other cats and dogs. The young owner often passes out handouts and posters of his cat because Tama is gullible and often gets lost in the Third Street area. Unlike his friends Pochi, Momo, and Tora, Tama doesn’t seem to have a job. Gon encourages Tama that he does have a job and he is doing great. Gon explains that making everyone happy and coming up with games and new adventures for the group is Tama’s job. Tama makes sure that the group enjoys their time on Third Street while solving mysteries of the human world.

Source: Tama Of The 3rd District: A New Moe Anime For Cat And Dog Lovers


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