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Cricket and technology are inseparable in today’s world. As a matter of fact, 21st century is largely driven by technology and affected people’s lifestyles, wholly or partially. Whereas, technological advancements have a positive influence on the game of cricket.

T20 cricket has changed the way broadcasters telecast the matches, giving a fitting build-up of the match with a pre-match analysis, and post-match briefing of every minute detail of the game and quick highlights to show the best catch, longest boundary, and wickets trembling! Today, the cricketing experience for spectators has raised the bar higher than ever, again, thanks to technological advancements!

Similarly, technological advancements in cricket training have improved the performance of the players. Here are a few tools:

1). Wearable technology

Cricket players cover 1.7 to 6.5 kilometers on a game day. To enhance their performance and measure their physical attributes, and prepare them for the demands of the modern-day game. Managing workloads and monitoring player development is a key aspect of wearable technology. Whereas, quantify training programs and monitor the rehabilitation process. Designed for Batsman, Bowler, and Fielder specific and establish different metrics such as Velocity, Strength, and Acceleration to quantify the demands of every player.

2). Video Analysis Tool

Video Analysis tool provides detailed insights that are used to inform strategic decisions, athlete feedback, and talent identification. Bringing visual context to the performance analysis will engage players and coaches.

3). Athlete Management System (AMS)

AMS centralizes the team’s performance, medical and wellness information to streamline the management and communication of crucial information. Bringing all the departments on the same page by collection, storage, reporting and communication of data into a central platform. A unified web and mobile platform help to instantly engage players with performance content.

The technological advancements lead to better performance of the players without a doubt and also create an effective training method for coaches.

Need for VIBO Bowling Simulator: The impactful tool in cricket training

VIBO Bowling simulator brings a whole new experience to every individual’s cricket training experience. Our simulator is accessible and affordable to everyone. The technological development of the VIBO Bowling Simulator has the potential to affect the approach to cricket training from every amateur and professional cricketer.

With the VIBO bowling simulator, regardless of age or skill level, anyone can train and take part in cricket. The VIBO PRO PLUS can be controlled through tab or voice. Also, adjustable line variation, length, swing, and slight spin of the delivery be ready to experience cricket like never.

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