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Technology and Learning Glitches

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While it is true that technology greatly enhances the learning process, it has its cons as well. so choose a best schools in bangalore

A student might find presenting a PPT a better experience than drawing on the board and explaining the concept to their class. However, it is also likely that they can get caught up with the idea of the various possibilities technology makes available to them to such an extent that they do not pay attention to the details of their content. The teacher can prevent this by specifying the methods, fonts and format to be used so the student can focus more on their content. It is possible that not all students are good with technology and a session explaining the basics of it might be necessary for the students on how it works at cbse schools in jayanagar

Secondly, let us take into consideration the batch of students who had to have their first year of college online owing to the pandemic. Even during normal times, the shift from school to college is a huge one for students. With learning becoming more specialized, and a new found freedom to make choice for themselves, the shift is also an important one for students. College is a completely new, fresh environment. Having experienced it online, Students lose out on the social environment of their friends and physical presence of their teachers which impacts the students mental-health to a large extent.

Technology definitely made it easier for colleges to start off the academic year without further delay due to the covid-crisis. However, not all students were able to cope up with the classes online. Some had network issues, some didn’t even have access to internet, and a few just couldn’t grasp the concepts in an efficient manner online. Further, the older professors had to put in added efforts to cope up with the online mode having had person-person interactions all their life. It takes them quite some time to adjust.

College going students might have been used to the academic setting, but the younger kids who had their first year of schooling online would be clueless as to what is it, that they are doing. The school is a child’s first exposure to individuals from multiple backgrounds and it is where they learn how to live, adjust and learn along with others. It will also most likely be their first social setting apart from family.

Thus, while technology can be a great aid, we should also keep in mind that traditional teaching methods have their own advantages as well. Thus, a mixture of the offline and online mode should be used together in a manner that is the most efficient for learnersin one of the best Icse schools in kanakapura road






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