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A boat captain on a cruise ship is the leader of an entire ship, which can vary in size from a small yacht to a full cruise.

He has vast experience with ships and their operation, and is likely to have made their way through the ranks of other ship-related positions.

The duties on the cruise go beyond the scope of a management post, since the captain of the ship must be competent in all aspects of the operation of the ship, from the operation of the ship to its maintenance, and in the case of ships of tourism, must be the host of the passengers.

All the success of a cruise trip rests on the captain's shoulders and on his ability to manage the crew.

Responsibilities of a ship captain

The responsibilities of a ship captain on cruise ships are varied and include navigation, operation of the ship's equipment, commercial functions, and the assignment and supervision of tasks performed by all crew members.

1- Supervise the teams

Ensuring that all equipment receives proper maintenance and follows environmental standards is also under its jurisdiction. It is your job to keep regular records throughout the trip, and supervise the passengers and crew members that embark and disembark the ship.

2- Be aware of financial operations

In the case of international travel, the captain has a duty to comply with the requirements of local and international customs and inspections. In some cases, the captain must maintain the financial and accounting operations of the vessel, including cash on hand and payroll, in the absence of an onboard surcharge.

3- You must be attentive to the weather

Sail your boat according to weather conditions and use radars, depth finders, radios, buoys, lights and even headlights. Determine sufficient levels of oxygen, hydraulic fluid or air pressure in the vessel.

4- Direct contact with authorities

In case of problems during the trip that cause damage or loss of cargo, improper piloting or injury or death of a crew member, the captain must act as direct contact with local authorities to assist in the previous investigation.

5- Documentation review

Almost everything that happens on the ship must be rigorously documented and verified by the captain of the ship to keep a formal record of each excursion and the functions of the ship at all times.

6- Responsible for everything that happened

Audit all acts, errors and omissions that occur on board, whether the captain was present and involved or sleeping in his cabin, are the responsibility of the captain.

7- Protect security

They must also be responsible for the safety of the ship, both in terms of basic operation and in extreme circumstances, such as responding to threats from terrorists, pirates, hijackers and stowaways.

8- Teamwork

The captain works with officers and crews to establish the speed and direction of a ship, monitor its positions and avoid hazards.


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