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Coming into teenage is a lot as it is a phase where significant changes happen physically, emotionally and overall. As teenage approaches, every teenager is self-conscious about their physical looks, so most of them tend to start dieting. Well, the diet definition among teenagers is probably cutting food, which is not the best option to reduce weight. Teenagers feel that this strategy might be effective in the short term, but in reality, you are just losing proteins, leading to weakness and other health issues. Also, it is a higher chance that when dieters return to their regular eating patterns, they typically gain the weight they lost back. Overall it is not a healthy choice to give up food and start dieting randomly.

You may visit a diagnostic centre near you, for blood tests that will help you determine if you have obesity, vitamin counts and so on. So you can have a clear idea of your health and then focus on planning your health effectively.  

Unfortunately, after the blood test from pathology near you. According to the blood test results if you are facing obesity related health issues and need weight loss techniques, then this article will provide the best teen health advice. Keep reading to find out the best tips and tricks for healthy weight loss:

  • Set Realistic Healthy Goals

To begin with, it's significant for teens to know that everyone has a different physical health and body type, and there is no ideal body type for every teenager.

It's quite essential to have realistic weight and body-image goals and starting by losing excess body fat is an excellent way to get healthy. Still, when losing weight when teens have obesity, the main focus should be on losing excessive body fat and to improve overall health and not only body weight.

Improving diet and increasing physical activity is practical to achieve realistic health goals. 

  • Say no to the sugary drinks.

Basically, all sugary drinks have excessive amounts of sugar or soda has less to zero nutritional value. Teens are mostly attracted to such drinks because they taste good or look cool, but in reality it affects your physical health, so it's better if you say no to such drinks as they tend to make you overweight. Instead of these sugary drinks, choose healthier drinks like water or low-fat milk.

  • Exercise

Exercise is the best physical activity that will help you lose weight and stay active at the same time. Regular exercise will help you burn calories which will not only make you look good, but you will also feel good mentally. A quick run, cycling or a walk can make a difference; try it out to lose calories and gain strength. Adding physical activity can help boost your mood and lose weight simultaneously.

  • Nourishing Foods

Try to focus on nourishment and choose food with good nutrient density, including vitamins and minerals; as teens, you are still growing and need certain nutrients such as phosphorus and calcium. Rich in nutrients, foods include veggies, fruits, and whole grains, which boost nutrients and help lose weight. So try to adapt to these foods in your daily life. 

  • Eat Your Veggies

Since many teenagers don't enjoy vegetables and prefer fast food and junk food, this is the primary cause of teen obesity. You can get all the nutrients you need by including vegetables in your diet.

In addition to being extremely nutritious, vegetables also contain substances called antioxidants, and numerous studies have demonstrated that eating vegetables can help adolescents achieve and maintain healthy body weight.


These tips are also included for obese teens and wants to reduce their weight effectively. Also, please note, don't consider yourself overweight just because of societal norms or being in fear of missing out on being slim or in a trendy figure. It's always better to visit a diagnostic centre near you to do the tests appropriately, find the real outcomes, and treat it accordingly. 

At Simira Diagnostics, you can walk in or schedule a home sample collection for blood tests and entirely rely on us as we produce accurate results. Schedule your appointment today to find out if you are obese or not.


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