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The inherent resting position of molars, as well as incisors, has profound impacts on the development of the intrinsic anatomical features of the face. In certain instances, the recessed position of the incisors, as well as inward or outward protrusion of molars, can lead to recessed teethes, which are hard to reach for the toothbrush. Over the years, no matter how hard you try, these teeth can accumulate tartar and plaque due to their intrinsic misalignment.

If the above possibilities have also been leading you to shy away from a smile dentist in Kuwait can help you. With the state of the art teeth cleaning services, dentists in Kuwait and surrounding areas can help you bring back the lost lustre from your teeth.

Possible solutions for tartar and plaque accumulation

Before visiting a dentist, it is vital to understand what kind of different teeth cleaning services a dentist can provide and which ones do you actually need.

  • Scaling, Root Planing

A invasive teeth cleaning procedure that involves deep cleaning of the gums, gum lines and the other structures of the teeth. Root planning and scaling is generally prescribed to patients who are suffering from gingivitis or periodontitis. Since scaling and planning require removing any tartar from the teeth, it can sometimes take multiple dentist visits to complete the whole process.

  • Prophylaxis cleaning

A slightly less invasive procedure used for cleaning and routine maintenance, such as removing tartar, if any, or treating plaque from the surface of the teeth, gums and gum line.

  • Gross debridement

If you have not visited a dentist in several years, it's possible that your teeth might have an excessive accumulation of tartar; then a gross debridement is the procedure to go for. Further, whether you need one or do not depends upon the preliminary oral examination that a dentist performs.

  • Periodontal Maintenance

Routine maintenance is necessary for patients suffering from issues such as gingivitis or periodontitis. These would include frequent visits to the dentist for a cleanup of the whole mouth, regularly until the health concerns are dealt with thoroughly.

All these procedures can help you regain the confidence you had lost along with the lustre of your teeth. Some of the best Dentists in Kuwait and surrounding areas can help you smile a grin of confidence again.



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