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The Popeyes restaurant franchise is conducting a study called TellPopeyes. TellPopeyes.com is the greatest site for surveys because it's one of the simplest and quickest ways to gather honest feedback from customers. This post will explain how to complete the TellPopeyes Survey at tellpopeyes.com and how it functions.

Regardless of Popeyes One of the largest fried chicken fast food franchises in America is called Louisiana Kitchen. Since opening their first store in 1972, they have simply dominated the industry. They are currently the second-largest Fast Food Fried Chicken restaurant brand in the US based on the number of locations. In the US and 30 other countries, they have more than 3100 establishments. Customers can complete surveys and provide comments on their TellPopeyes consumer feedback platform.

One of the finest ways to provide Popeyes restaurants with comments and suggestions is through TellPopeyes. They have a number of inquiries about service management that need to be addressed. Every single consumer who completed the survey will receive a gift in the end. It's simple, quick, and both customers and restaurants profit from it.

The TellPopeyes survey's objective

Most restaurant businesses provide surveys so that their patrons can learn more about them. Here is a list of the reasons TellPopeyes requests survey participation from its clients.

  • A quick way to learn how their customers feel about the meal is to use TellPopeyes.
  • For their evaluations
  • Customers who want to provide feedback on their meal are the target audience for TellPopeyes.
  • Customers seldom get their suggestions through to businesses, but with TellPopeyes, they will be heard and taken into consideration.
  • Knowing the restaurant's hospitality and level of client satisfaction is one of the main factors.
  • Customers who have complained about problems may find assistance from the TellPopeyes survey, and if the problem is widespread, they may be able to effect change.
  • When customers complete the TellPopeyes survey as a way of their thanks, they are certain to receive a gift.

How to complete the TellPopeyes survey?

On TellPopeyes.com, there are guidelines that must be fulfilled in order to participate in surveys. These are the guidelines.

  • Customers must be at least 16 years old.
  • Customer must be a citizen of the US
  • Customers must have visited at least one Popeyes restaurant in order to participate in the TellPopeyes survey.
  • A survey on TellPopeyes cannot be completed by relatives of Popeyes employees.
  • Customers are limited to taking one survey at a time and just one per month.
  • They should provide their meal receipt.
  • Make sure they have the invitation code for the TellPopeyes survey as well.

Conditions for participating in a survey on TellPopeyes.com

There are several requirements before a client can do a survey on the TellPopeyes website.

  • A PC, laptop, or mobile device
  • Internet access using those gadgets
  • To participate in the TellPopeyes poll, they need to speak either English or Spanish.
  • Code for survey invitation

How do I complete an online TellPopeyes survey?

Customers who have an invitation code can quickly complete the survey online; a step-by-step tutorial is provided here.

  • Visit TellPopeyes.com to access the official website.
  • Choose the first option, “Do you have Popeyes receipts with invitations on them,” and then press the “survey” button.
  • Now, in order to participate in the survey, you must supply some information.

Restaurant ID

The receipts' date


Total amount due

  • Make careful you accurately submit all the information.
  • When taking a survey, if your receipts don't match the example and you're not sure where to look, click the link at the bottom.
  • Once you do that, you must now record the invitation code that you were given along with the receipts.
  • Following that, click the submit button to access the survey.
  • You'll be questioned briefly about the menu and customer service.
  • You must enter some personal data after completing the poll, such as

Your name

Email address

Phone number


Monthly income

  • After providing that information, simply click the finish button.
  • Once the TellPopeyes survey is finished, you will receive a guaranteed gift or the opportunity to enter a sweepstakes.

Questions from the TellPopeyes poll

We now know that everyone is curious about the types of questions that will be asked in the survey. Since the poll is based on user experience, there is no right or wrong response because everyone's response could be different. But you may force yourself to educate yourself about them and get ready. Here is just one illustration of the kind of inquiry they made in the TellPopeyes survey.

Was the order fulfilled exactly as requested?

  • How was the restaurant's cleanliness and hygiene?
  • Was the restaurant's employees cordial enough?
  • What level of quality was offered by the meals and beverages at the establishments?
  • How did the food and beverages that were delivered in response to your request taste?
  • Was the cost of the food reasonable?
  • In light of your overall pleasure and experience, rate the restaurant.
  • Are you going to the restaurant more frequently?
  • If so, how frequently?
  • The food items you ordered were they fresh?

Code of Validation for TellPopeye

The Popeyes restaurant has a website called TellPopeyes Survey for gathering consumer opinions. People can go to this website and complete the survey to receive guaranteed rewards in addition. Customers must enter their validation code in order to access the survey. The location and usage of the TellPopeyes validation or invitation code will be covered in this article.

Validation code for TellPopeyes

A code that is a legitimate admission pass to the Tellpopeyes survey is also known as the survey invitation code. Here is how to enter the survey using the validation code.

  • Visit TellPopeyes' official website.
  • To participate in the survey, provide the information on the bill.
  • Respond to the inquiry that is posed during the survey.
  • You will be required to submit your TellPopeyes validation or invitation code after the survey is finished.
  • Find the code on the bill, and then input it exactly as it appears.
  • Now is your chance to participate in Popeye's sweepstakes.
  • If you win the contest, you'll receive a $1,000 gift card.


To make sure that customers are genuinely satisfied with the services and food provided, Popeye restaurants have established a survey at their official website, TellPopeyes.com.

Simply go to the Popeyes website at www.tellpopeyes.com to access the official Popeyes portal. The task of taking part in this survey is not at all challenging.

On the back of your survey receipt, you'll see the survey code printed.


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