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Templates to Create an Invoice in Google Docs

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Nowadays, Google Docs is a very important tool, be it for work or home. Google Docs’ popularity and use in recent times have sky-rocketed both in business as well as in education. Docs aren’t only made for creating long word documents. People and freelancers are catching up on things like this. Google docs templates also have other uses, such as creating a project proposal, invoice, flyer, and even a stylist newsletter.

Also, there are different options to create an invoice. Either you can start from scratch, or you can just choose a template in just a couple of minutes. Although, the web has so many options of third-party invoice templates. But we have picked some of the best for you to get you started on your professional journey. So, let’s dive in.

Some of the top templates to create an invoice in Google Docs:

Choosing any invoice template is very easy. You have to open a new tab and select File> Make a copy, then save it on the Google Doc file in Google Drive. Now just open the saved file from Google Drive, and you can start editing the invoice.

Minimal Invoice Template:

Minimal Invoice Template is one of the favorite invoice templates for Google Docs. The reason for its popularity is it is quite simple and gets the job done. You can easily add product details, company details, price, and some extra notes at the bottom.

Invoice Template by FreshBooks:

FreshBooks is an online invoice generation tool. FreshBooks also create a template for Google Docs. If you want to create an invoice directly online, this is the way to go. This template has a correct design and has all the right pieces of information in the right places. You can add different information like price, logo, company details, product description, and sum the total invoice due at the bottom.

Also, there is the option of adding additional options like the payment method or the number of days to pay the invoice amount at the bottom of the template.

Simple Construction Template:

You can guess by the name what is the main aim of the template. These templates are primarily aimed at those working in the construction business. This template allows you to fill in all the relevant information related to construction.

The default theme of the template is a coffee theme, but you can easily change that. If you are in the construction business and want to create an invoice for your clients, this template is made for you.

Service Invoice:

If you don’t want any complications in your invoice, then this easy-to-use Google Docs template is for you. You can easily add date, invoice number, company logo, and company address, and more.

There are also some extra features that you can easily add details, amount, product name, total amount, sales tax, and more. Also, at the bottom of the template, you can share details of your working experience with the client and simply guide them to your preferred mode of payment.

Consulting Invoice:

If your work is primarily aimed towards charging fees for consulting or advising people. Then look no further as this template is for you. You can start using consulting invoices now and charge your clients for your valuable services.

This is also a simple template to use, and you can add all the required information for your clients. But there is a problem that the company address is at the bottom, and the note is at the top of the template. But you can easily edit it through the edit section.


Here are some of the best templates that we found over the internet. You can easily use these templates to make an invoice for yourself.

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