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Curly hair girls always get a compliment for their unique look. Every eye is on curls, and nobody can resist praising it. Curly hair girls are blessed because their hair is voluminous. However, only curly hair girls know the struggle behind its maintenance. Curls look at their best when they are well-groomed.

People often have this misconception that curls don’t need daily hair brushing, lest they know that hair brushing in curls is necessary. Brushing curly hair is an everyday struggle. But, everything has a way out, so it is for curly hair. Want to know what they are? Read on-


  1. Conditioning before shampoo

It may sound awkward, but conditioning before shampooing helps. You can apply a small amount of conditioner before shampooing and leave your hair for a few minutes. Your hair will turn soft and becomes more manageable for shampooing. Now, you can use your fingers in any direction to remove dirt from the scalp without pulling a healthy strand out.


  1. Choose a right shampoo

Not every shampoo suits everyone and curly hair girls must remain skeptical about choosing the right product. The sulfate-ridden shampoo is harsh for curls. It makes your curls rigid, and it becomes unmanageable. Make sure you pick a sulfate-free shampoo that can smoothen out your hair. It will make the brushing process easy.


  1. Brush wet hair

It is true for curly hair girls that wet hair brushing helps them. Not everyone will appreciate brushing wet hair, but it works for curly hair. Curls are not in their form when hair is wet; it is the right moment for detangling. A wet hair detangling hair brush can help sort curls out without pulling healthy strands. These brushes are designed to work on wet hair.


  1. Use the right brush type

Curly hair is a special gift, so you need special tools to maintain it. Tangle teezer thick and curly is made to simplify their brushing problems. These brushes are gentle on curls and maintain their bouncy look. Such brush glides through every hair strand smoothly.


  1. Avoid brushing with a wide-tooth

Curls are densely packed; their detangling process differs from straight hair. A wide-tooth comb could be ineffective on dense curls. It is not the right tool for detangling curly hair. All you need is an evenly spaced bristle hairbrush that can work on dense curls.


  1. Avoid excessive heat

Excessive heat is not good for any hair type, but it has a drastic impact on curls. Curl's texture and thickness are a great gift from God; heating tools can steal natural texture, making it dull. The strength of curls is its thick round shape which heating destroys. If you want to maintain curls for a long time, avoid overheating them. For hair rinsing also, you can avoid warm water as it can destroy the natural bounce of your curls.


  1. Regular trimming

Sometimes girls are obsessed with their curls and avoid trimming sessions. Such practice can introduce split ends in curls, making it ugly. Healthy bouncier curls are a mark of good hair health; that’s why regular trimming is important for its health. Every eight to six weeks, you can go for hair trimming.


  1. Avoid chemical treatment

Chemical treatment is not required for healthy curly hair. Chemical treatment such as keratin treatment, straightening, coloring can distort the natural formation of curls. As far as coloring is concerned, you can discuss it with your hairstylist, but you can avoid other chemical treatment options. It is better to try home remedies to keep your natural curls intact.


  1. Wooden hair brush

Eco hair brush made of bamboo has natural properties, which is beneficial for hair health. There are several properties of wooden hairbrushes that can keep your curls healthy. It can promote hair growth as it stimulates blood circulation in the scalp. Human hair has natural oil called sebum, but it is unevenly distributed in hair, leading to a lack of luster. A wooden hair brush can redistribute sebum all over your hair making, giving your curls the shine it deserves. Every day, you can maintain your curly hair effortlessly using a wooden hair brush.


  1. Follow a proper sleeping routine

A cotton pillow produces friction with your curls making it messy. On waking up, you will find that your hair has become unmanageable. You can avoid this problem by making a loose ponytail before sleeping. 



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