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It can be said that gaining muscle mass and gaining strength go hand in hand. In addition, it is a common goal among everyone who trains or plays a sport, whether it is for sports performance or to look and feel good. But how is this achieved? Should I make an effort and train more? Should I eat more or less? Will a sports supplement suffice? This article will answer all those questions and more !; get ready to discover everything you need to know to increase strength and gain muscle mass in your body.

We remind you that the process, times and results may differ for each person: we are all different, we start from a diverse base, and our bodies are not the same.

1) Stretching and warming up

This is an essential process that many overlook, and it is transversal for all sports disciplines. Before you start training or playing a sport, you should allow at least 5 to 10 minutes of stretching. This will help activate the whole body, from the blood to the muscles, and help avoid injuries that can slow down your training for several days.

2) Do the exercises well

Although it may sound undeniable, it is recurrent, especially for beginners, that people do not know how to do the movements well or deceive themselves. Therefore, we must take special care to do the correct execution, not be completely straight, avoid doing fewer repetitions, etc. Like when the teacher did not see you in physical education classes, do not cheat, or the exercise will not be effective.

3) Weight lifting, with the right weight

Regardless of the variant (or variants), this exercise is essential for gaining strength and increasing muscle mass. However, you must find your proper weight, no more, no less, for the exercise to be effective and avoid injury. It would help if you increased the weight as you progress.

4) Train all your muscles

If you want to look good and show off your body in addition to gaining strength and gaining muscle mass, you must train it thoroughly: from legs to shoulders. So you will see proportionate and balanced. Don't miss out on having a toned torso up and slim legs down, like Johnny Bravo. For better muscles, you can also try HGH injections like Lilly Humatrope 72iu and Genotropin. HGH Corner is the best place to buy real HGH online.

5) Maintain a medium-term exercise routine

Follow the same exercise routine for at least four continuous weeks so that your body gets used to it and you achieve the expected goal. Do not change your routine all the time, or you will have the opposite effect on your body.

6) The necessary rest for the muscles

Rest is one of the essential pillars of a healthy body, together with exercise and food. Don't make the mistake of wanting to train more than you should or to train the same muscle every day. You will not gain more muscle mass by training more; what you can achieve is fatigue your muscles and injure yourself. You will cause the opposite effect. The rest of the muscles should be 48 hours.

7) Protein to increase muscle mass

Proteins go directly to the muscle, helping it mainly to increase muscle mass and post-workout recovery. Some foods rich in this nutrient are eggs, white meat, fish, fruits and vegetables.

If you want to supplement your diet and increase the proteins you consume to increase muscle mass, we recommend taking Whey Protein or protein supplements. These will give you the nutrients you naturally cannot reach for the doses needed. You must complement both foods, and a supplement does not replace the diet; it only accompanies it.

8) Consistency makes the athlete

This is a long process and one of the most challenging sporting goals to achieve. You must be constant; it will cost you first, but you should not give up or be discouraged. You will see the first big fruits eight weeks after starting the training.

9) Post-workout stretching

Once our training is finished, it is essential to stretch the body to avoid fatigue and injuries. Most people worry about training, but few remember the recovery phase, a critical part of your training.

When we finish training, our muscles contract; they are shortened, and after a while, they stretch again. Unfortunately, this natural process causes muscles to fatigue, so we must stretch them ourselves.

Stretching helps the body return to normal, and the heart rate slows down.

10) Aerobic exercises to burn fat and tone the body

These exercises are ideal for lowering body fat, defining and toning the body. Include an aerobic routine in your exercise routine. You will notice the difference and how beautiful your muscles will look.



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