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Robert Pattinson and John David Washington starrer Tenet is a spy film that was recently released across the world in many countries. The movie is directed by Christopher Nolan, and it follows a spy that is on the mission to manipulate time to ensure that world war III is prevented. It is rumored that Nolan had been about the plot of the movie for more than a decade while it took him around five years to write the screenplay.

The movie was already delayed thrice because of the pandemic, but it premiered on August 26, 2020, in the United Kingdom. If the initial reviews are to be believed, the movie is as good as Nolan’s famous Inception, although some critics have complained of the confusing plot and dispassionate tone.

The film is already enjoying a very successful opening weekend in many countries. It has grossed over $40 million in the first five days of its release in 40 overseas territories. Tenet has earned $4 million from Korea alone while performing decently in Italy, where it earned $1.2 million. Although official figures are yet to be released for the United Kingdom, it is speculated that the UK will be its biggest market until now.

The official international data regarding the gross earning of Tenet will only be reported on August 30 by Warner Bros., Although the projections usually are not inaccurate. Still, only when the official figures are released, the international opening weekend reports can be verified. The opening weekend earning can be anywhere above or below $40 million. The reported global weekend projection of $40 million is not that far from the $55 million global earning of Dunkirk in its first week of release. The film went on to make a total of $337 million overseas, which is something Tenet can also potentially earn.

Some people have compared the film with Nolan’s masterpiece Interstellar, which grossed over $82 million in its first week of release. But such comparisons are not right as Interstellar released in over 62 territories in the international market while Tenet got only 40 territories that too in such cataclysmic times. Even with so many factors going against it, the movie has done really well, and the $40 million opening week collection is way higher than expectations.

The film is highly anticipated, especially in the USA, which is a good sign of its comprehensive collection. Nolan has been one of the few directors who have rejected online movie releases and maintained that the movies should only be released in theaters. There is no doubt that such a stance is courageous in times like this, as there is no doubt that the movie will never earn as much as it can.

Source :- https://myproductactivate.com/tenets-successful-opening-weekend/


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