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Tennis elbow is the swelling of the outer part of the elbow. It is known as lateral epicondylitis in medial terms. The problem and the pain of tennis elbow stems from the inflammation of the tendon and the external layer where the tendon from the back of the forearm joints with the bone of the upper arm. The muscles that help in straightening the wrist are connected with the tendon. Tension in the muscles results in throbbing pain and that can be relieved with tennis elbow cold compress.

There are many activities other than playing tennis that can cause this condition. These activities include using a screwdriver, lifting heavy objects, and writing excessively. The pain increases slowly with no noticeable swelling. The person feels the pain and stiffness in the elbow area after a long period of time.

Tennis elbow symptoms

Knowing the symptoms properly is important to know whether you’re diagnosed with tennis elbow. You can do this by picking up a book with your palm facing the below direction. You are probably suffering with this condition if there is pain on the outer part of the elbow when you lift the book. Therefore, tennis elbow isn’t only associated with the elbow joint but also the muscles adjoining it. These are the muscles that help in moving the wrist. A chiropractic therapist can help in treating the tennis elbow condition effectively.

Don’t rely on medicines only

If there is a lot of stiffness in the muscle area, it can cause numbness in the joint space in the elbow and joint inflammation. Over a period of time, the condition can result in serious pain in the elbow joint due to epincondylitis. People shouldn’t always rely on anti-inflammatory medicines and sprays for relaxing muscles. The best and safest way to treat tennis elbow is to see an experienced chiropractic therapist.

Chiropractic treatment

Chiropractic methods are proven to be beneficial in treating the problems related to soft tissues, muscles, and bones. Different techniques include cross fiber friction massage and tennis elbow cold compress. Other therapies that can be useful are chiropractic adjustment of the lateral elbow that includes the radial humeral joint and proximal radioulnar joint.

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