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Terracotta Bottles Naturally Keep Your Water Cool and Fit for Drinking

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Water makes up ¾ of the human body. Therefore, it is a no-brainer that our body needs daily replenishment to stay healthy. But we cannot consume any water. Fresh and purified water, free of all contaminants, is the best for health.

While not all places may have a pure water source, one can store the water in areas that retain its natural and healthy properties. One such method is to keep it in a Terracotta bottle.

Why Use Terracotta Bottles?
Plastic bottles, which people commonly use, absorb heat quickly and warm the water. Also, they absorb UV radiation when kept outside. Plastic in itself starts to release toxins into the water after some time. Of course, it is not beneficial for health.

Earthen pots or bottles from Terracotta bottle dealers save individuals from harmful chemicals. Since it consists of clay, it does not cause allergies, skin problems, or stomach health issues. Moreover, the earthen clay balances the pH in the water.

If the water contains any impurities, then it tends to become acidic. Storing the water in the pots eliminates the impurities, thus restoring the pH balance of the water.

Healing Properties
The bottle has healing properties as it is potent with minerals and electromagnetic energy. The water from these bottles heals the body and mind. Water in the bottle adopts the material's properties and becomes packed with its power. Drinking water from this bottle means drinking water rich in minerals and healing properties.

Improves Metabolism
Drinking water from the bottles made by the

helps one to maintain the proper digestive processes. How so? Water plays a huge role in aiding good metabolism in the body. Adding clay bottles to that helps the water retain the essential ions that are beneficial for the metabolic processes.

The water from this bottle also helps people with weight issues. Since the water is chemical-free, unlike plastic bottles, it has no chemical poisoning. The clay bottles do not contain BPA. BPA is the root cause of many health complications like cancer.

On the other hand, clay helps to restore the essential minerals in the body and also retains normal testosterone levels.

Clay is porous. It means that water evaporates from the clay pots. It allows the water to cool and cools the air around the water pot. The clay pot has small microscopic holes that regulate the temperature of the water. Therefore it is the perfect material to store water in the summer.

Maintains the Alkaline Nature of Water
Water is alkaline in nature. As mentioned previously, the clay pot eliminates all the acidic properties of the water. The clay interacts with the water to restore its proper pH balance. This purified water can provide relief from gastronomic pains. Combining this water in meals where the food is high in acidic content or might lead to gastro-acidic issues can help one stay healthy.

The Clay Bottles are Easy to Handle
The environmentally-friendly Terracotta bottle is not heavy on the pocket. Additionally, the compact size of the bottles makes it easy to carry them around while on the road.


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