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Test drive the new generation of Mercedes-Benz S 500 L

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If supercars are a toy for the wealthy, then flagship cars are definitely their means of transportation. Their requirements for mobility seem simple, comfortable, large space, and aura, but it is not easy to do well. As the inventor of the automobile, Mercedes-Benz, every move will more or less affect the trend of the automobile industry. At present, this new generation of Mercedes-Benz S-Class (hereinafter referred to as the new S-Class) has been controversial from design to release. But no matter how you evaluate it, the legend of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class will continue to be written down.(Read more: mobil ertiga)

1) Comes with topical appearance

Everyone has their own opinions about aesthetics. In this era of beauty P pictures, photos do not represent its truest appearance. Just like the Mercedes-Benz S-Class in front of me, the pictures and the actual car bring completely inconsistent feelings. The first time you meet, it will not surprise you, but more surprise.

Compared with the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class released some time ago, the front face of the new S-Class is more compact, and it can give you the flagship style. Driving on the road can definitely give you the turning rate you want and the “luxury car avoidance.” Halo”.

The new S-class comes standard with MULTI BEAM matrix headlights, while the high-end models are equipped with DIGITAL LIGHT digital matrix headlights. The combined projection resolution of the headlights on both sides is 2.6 million pixels, which is officially called “Meteor Shower” digital large Light, as the name suggests, it can achieve a sense of “meteor shower” ritual and highly accurate beam distribution. It can also combine navigation information to automatically adjust the light angle when going up and down.

The length, width and height of the old S-class rear-wheel drive model is 5259×1899×1497mm, and the wheelbase is 3165mm; the four-wheel drive model is 5283×1905×1500mm and the wheelbase is 3165mm.

The rear design is more controversial than the front. Looking at the new S-Class, it still retains the solemnity of a flagship sedan, but compared with the old Mercedes-Maybach, the aura is still so much worse. . So, do you think the appearance of the new S-Class is improved or more difficult to accept?

2) Cockpit digital simulation revolution

I finally said goodbye to the one-piece screen. The interior design of the old Mercedes-Benz is still outdated even if it is now. The impact on the entire automotive industry can be seen from the manufacturers' imitating. However, the birth of new things always coexist with praise and criticism. The appearance of the 12.8-inch large screen marks the beginning of a new era of Mercedes-Benz interiors. In the future, the design of other Mercedes-Benz models is likely to develop in this direction.

Most of the functions in the car are integrated on this screen. It uses OLED technology with a resolution of 1888×1728, with vibration feedback. Fluency and clarity are definitely not what you should worry about, and the MBUX system interface The ease of use is indeed a high level. It seems complicated but easy to use. Compared with the previous touchpad, the operation is more accurate and easier to use.

The new S-Class also brings a black technology, the naked eye 3D effect of the dashboard. The purple light flashing above the dashboard is the camera used to capture eyeballs. The actual experience of the three-dimensional effect is very strong, and it will feel dizzy after a long time. Although the visual effects of the AR augmented reality function provided by HUD are very cool, there are some visual disturbances during daily driving, and the tiled area is a bit large.

The seat adjustment area also uses touch feedback, canceling the physical button design, and the sense of technology is there, but the actual experience will feel a bit awkward.

The interior is the same as the exterior, which will make you feel that the Mercedes-Benz S-Class is starting to take a different approach. It is difficult to tell you thoroughly through pictures and text, but when you sit in, you will feel like you are in a digital palace, and there are constantly new products that will bring you all-round impact, which is called the new The realm is not exaggerated.


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