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Test Your Grit, Take The Spiti Valley Trek In 2022!

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The Spiti Valley trek involves strenuous treks along treacherous mountain trails, crossing treacherous roads, and being with locals. The trek in spiti valley packages will give you the next stage of endurance, which is accompanied by a thrilling adrenaline thrill. If you decide to trek in Spiti Valley, you'll find yourself in the beauty of nature, determination, and excitement, all in one. While enjoying them, you'll soon be pushing yourself further into the highest levels of athleticism and that's why the trek in Spiti can be described as among the more difficult adventures of all.

It's a fact that Spiti Valley is one of the longest-running treks, and I'm not afraid to say that you'll feel the same as you read this blog!

The best time to visit and enjoy Spiti Valley treks is during July and October. Since winter is a time of extreme cold numerous roads and high altitude passes are closed due to massive snowfall. This causes the impossibility of mountaineering and trekking.

Distance and length: Spiti Valley trekking span is 55km (approximately) beginning at Langza and finishing at Dhankar during the course of five days. Spiti tour package is an unforgettable excursion through the Himalayan mountains. Around 13.5 kilometers are covered by cabs, while the remaining 41.5 kilometers are done by the foot. The full day-to-day schedule is provided below.

Spiti Valley Trek Route: Kaza – Kibber – Langza – Hikkim – Komik – Chemai Lepcha Pass – Demul – Lalung – Dhankar – Tabo – Kaza

Before you travel to go on the Spiti Valley Trek 2022, most suitable timing to go to is something you should know. The ideal time to visit Spiti Valley trek 2022 is from June through October. In those months, the top temperature could reach 25 degrees, with a minimum of 3-4 degrees, making it the perfect moment to explore Spiti Valley. Spiti Valley at the end of October can be a little more exciting because of the snow that falls in the areas with higher elevation.

As I mentioned earlier There are two well-known roads to get to the Spiti Valley tour package i.e the Manali Kaza and Shimla Kaza routes. I suggest this route as the Manali to Spiti one due to multiple reasons.

  • Although the Manali-Kaza route may not be as thrilling as the Shimla or Shimla Kaza routes, this isn't as susceptible to landslides compared to the roads of Kinnaur Valley, especially in monsoons.
  • Additionally there is a route, Manali trek from the Manali region to Spiti is the most efficient route which is why you must run this route in order to save your time and to reduce your fatigue. Make sure you are well-rested for the trek that is coming up.
  • It is also cost-effective because of the smaller distance you'll have to travel.
  • In the end, if you're an individual who is interested in the crossing of several high altitude passes then you must consider the way towards the Spiti bike trip, which is accessible from Manali. This route will first have to cross Rohtang Pass (3980 m) to get into Lahaul Valley from Kullu Valley then Kunzum Pass (4551 m) to reach Spiti Valley, which is located in Lahaul Valley. The sensation of running across these passes is awe-inspiring! !

In the event of returning to Manali, you can catch an express shuttle bus to Manali to Kaza which is the headquarters of the district of the Spiti district of Himachal which operates every morning. There is one official bus service running from Manali towards Kaza (a 5 hour journey) however the road is not accessible due to frequent landslides in the area.

Because the roads in this area aren't that are of high quality, it is advised to hire an individual vehicle that will take you from Manali towards Spiti (starting at Kaza). It is possible to share the cab with your fellow travelers so you don't have to pay you much.

P.S.The Manali road via Rohtang and Kunzum passes is accessible only during summer. This is the ideal time to travel into the valley.

Tips for Spiti Valley Trek

  • Be sure to check the weather forecast prior to setting out for a hike in Spiti Valley
  • In Spiti In Spiti, only the BSNL network is functional and can be accessed via Manali and Kaza
  • If you're not using an itinerary, it's suggested that you download offline maps
  • Drink plenty of water and stay well-hydrated to prevent the possibility that could affect the AMS in your body
  • Cash on you since there will be the only SBI ATM located in Spiti





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