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Tested and quality cosmetics for safe use and effective results

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Indian cosmetic industry is passing through massive growth with a constant influx of cosmetic products. More and more manufacturers are engaged in the process of producing a wide range of skincare and beauty products. Though, the persistent demand for new cosmetic products with the changing trends has also aggravated the need for clinical testing. Dermasist Innovation Lab is the Cosmetics Research Lab in Kolkata featuring high-end solutions for testing various cosmetic formulations. It not only put authenticity to new products but will also ensure their safety and efficiency. When the product claims are backed by clinical evidence, the chances of cosmetic business success improve.

Why clinical testing is important?

As new cosmetic products are evolving in the Indian consumer market, it has sparks-up massive competition. Modern customers have become more demanding and authorities have become more vigilant. They want your cosmetics to be free from animal cruelty. So, these claims can only be authenticated with the proven lab testing of the end products and their formulations. That’s why our cosmetics testing laboratory in Kolkata has emerged with clinical testing and research with an extensive array of cosmetic products. It enables the customers to view the real-life results provided with graphical illustrations and statistics. Ultimately, your buyers can clearly review and understand the true benefits of your cosmetic range.

The impact of clinical trials of cosmetics

Clinical research and testing of products has positive effects and it ultimately benefits the consumers. The testing reviews the ingredients used in the products and their toxicological points and acclamation of free from animal experimentation. Look at how we can perform clinical testing for products.

Dermatological testing

People prefer to use products that are dermatologically tested. These are the products that are actually tested by human beings on their skin surfaces. This testing acclaims that the product does not have severe side effects on the skin. Also, if the topical amount of the product causes any irritation and toxication, it could be improved further. Thus, we at a cosmetic testing lab in Kolkata perform dermatological testing of various skincare and beauty products. The process includes:

• Testing of products on the skin surface
• The formulation testing and authentication for its safety
• The finished product testing to check if it is well tolerated by the users

Our lab personnel performs the testing and research for the formulations and gives authenticity to their quality and safe usage.

Authenticating functional claims of products

In addition to the dermatological testing of products, we do tests for validating their functional claims too. There are several cosmetics in the market which acclaims for reducing wrinkles, improving hair density, and making skin firmer. So, these assurances of the products need to be authenticated and backed by the clinical research conducted by the experts inside the cosmetics research lab in Kolkata. We do examine the functional claims of products without animal testing. We do perform alternatives such as:

• Volunteer studies
• Cell cultures
• Human tissues
• Medical breakthroughs
• And computer models

Why choose us for clinical testing of cosmetics?

Do you own a wide assortment of cosmetics to be released in the consumer market? If yes, you can use our cosmetic testing lab in Kolkata. Our team is highly expert in researching the formulation for each product using intuitive measures and devices. Apart from this, we offer ultra-modern facilities that make our lab a perfect place for safe and hygienic testing of various skincare and beauty products. We do have:

• Elegant reception area
• Cabins for dermatologist evaluation
• Well-configured skin evaluation area
• Spacious lab area maintained with fire alarms and cameras

To sum up

Dermasist Innovation Lab has walked the extra mile to check product authentication for cosmetics. Our broad-spectrum approach for testing formulations helps manufacturers to develop products that are natural and safe for applications. So, you should consult cosmetics testing laboratory in Kolkata to meet quality and safety standards for your cosmetics to achieve your business goals.


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