That's why I was thinking of LRC

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Alright, so recently I've kind of loss interest in Buy OSRS Gold simply because it felt like a game of bossing/slaying which is exactly what I do.In the past, I've been wanting 90 Mining. I don't know why.

I was thinking of following with Smithing for Dungeoneering as a way to get Promethium/Skill Rooms/Looks nice. That's why I was thinking of LRC. Since I was thinking about the times I fished there while I was getting 99 Fishing, and I realized that something else was going on.

Here's what I'm going to do. I did some of the Math the other day and it's likely to have modified a little. I'll end with around 120k, or so Gold Ore at the time I hit 99. I'm not quite sure where I'm this moment but it doesn't matter. It will give me 80-95 Smithing.

In the next few years, I'll need what, another 75k or so of or so of Gold Ore to get 99. Based on the cost of Ores and Bars, I'll be making 11M Profit since I mined it all, so there should be zero chance of losing money, is there? I am posting from my iPod, which makes it impossible to determine the numbers.

Hope this makes a bit of sense. The main issue was the Math part, because at the time I was sleeping haha. I figured out the quantity of Buy RS 3 Gold ore found in 99 Mining while also calculating how much money that'd be. Approx. 26M or about 26M.


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