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As the number of actors and actresses out there has skyrocketed, it's hard to keep up with so many choices. In this list, we share our picks for the 10 best actors in the world, including many who have had a successful career in Hollywood but might not be as familiar as people like Leonardo DiCaprio or Tom Hanks.


  1. Gary Cooper


Gary Cooper was an American actor who is considered one of the finest and most iconic actors in cinema history. He is best known for his roles in classic Hollywood films such as The Gary Cooper Show, Stagecoach, and Sergeant York.


Cooper was nominated for 14 Academy Awards, winning three. He also received two Golden Globe Awards and a BAFTA Award.


While Cooper was a great actor, he should have been on the list of the best actors in the world. His talent was undeniable, and he has left an indelible mark on film history.


  1. Jimmy Stewart


Jimmy Stewart was an amazing actor and one of the greatest figures in Hollywood history.


Stewart was born in Indiana in 1905 and he began his career as a stage actor. He soon moved to the screen and became one of the most well-known actors in the world.


Stewart is best known for his roles in films such as “The Philadelphia Story,” “It's a Wonderful Life,” and “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.”


Stewart was also a great humanitarian and he donated his entire salary from “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” to charity. He later founded the J. Stewart Kennedy Foundation, which is dedicated to helping children in need.


Stewart died in 1997 at the age of 99 and he remains one of the most beloved actors in history. He should have been on this list!


  1. Cary Grant


Cary Grant is one of the most iconic actors in history. He was a master of comedy, drama, and action movies. Grant was nominated for Best Actor at the Academy Awards nineteen times, winning twice.


Here are ten reasons why Cary Grant should have been on the list of the best actors in the world:


  1. His acting skills were unmatched.
  2. His comedic skills were incredible.
  3. He was able to show his dramatic side in different movies.
  4. He was a great actor in action movies.
  5. He had a great voice and could convey emotions well.
  6. He had a great sense of humor and could make you laugh even when you were sad or angry.
  7. He was an excellent actor in different languages (e.g., French, Italian).
  8. He had a great physique and looked amazing onscreen.
  9. He was able to stay healthy throughout his career despite filming all types of movies (e.g., comedies, dramas, action movies).
  10. He was an excellent role model for other actors and showed them that anything is possible if you work hard enough


  1. Humphrey Bogart


Humphrey Bogart was one of the world's most iconic and beloved actors. He was known for his roles in such classics as The African Queen, Casablanca, and The Maltese Falcon.


However, Bogart should have been on the list of the world's best actors according to many experts. His performance in The Petrified Forest is widely considered to be one of the greatest acting achievements of all time.


Bogart also had a legendary career as a film director. He directed some of the most acclaimed films of all time, including High Sierra, The Big Sleep, and To Have and Have Not.


If you want to see some of the best acting performances from throughout history, be sure to check out Humphrey Bogart's work!


  1. Leonard Nimoy


Leonard Nimoy was an actor and director who was known for his roles in Star Trek and The Spock character. He was also responsible for directing many episodes of the show.


Nimoy's death in 2015 was a major loss to the acting community. He was an important influence on both television and film, and his work will be sorely missed.


  1. Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.


Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. was an American actor, producer, and director who was known for his swashbuckling roles in Hollywood films of the 1920s and 1930s.


Fairbanks was nominated for five Academy Awards, including Best Actor for his performances in The Thief of Bagdad (1925), The Phantom of the Opera (1925), and The Ambassador (1939).


He also received a Golden Globe Award and a Primetime Emmy Award for his work on TV's The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938-1941).


Fairbanks should have been included on this list because of his achievements as an actor. He was one of the most popular actors of his time and he is still regarded as one of the greatest swashbucklers in Hollywood history.


  1. John Wayne


John Wayne was an iconic American actor who is widely considered one of the greatest Hollywood actors of all time. He was known for his strong and masculine roles in films such as The Searchers, Big Jake, and The Green Berets.


However, Wayne should have been included on the list of the best actors in the world. His performances in films such as Rio Bravo, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, and The Shootist are some of the best in cinematic history.


Wayne's acting skills were not limited to just lead roles. He also excelled in supporting roles, making him an invaluable part of many films.


Despite his incredible talent, John Wayne never won an Academy Award nomination for his acting. This may be because he tended to play controversial and politically charged roles.


Nevertheless, John Wayne's contributions to cinema are undeniable and he deserves to be recognized as one of the best actors in the world.


  1. Sean Connery   


Sean Connery is widely considered to be one of the best actors in the world. He has starred in some of the most iconic films of all time, including “The Untouchables,” “The Hunt for Red October,” and “For Your Eyes Only.”


However, Connery was not included on the list of the 50 best actors of all time compiled by The Guardian. The Guardian's list includes actors like Robert De Niro, Tom Hanks, and Meryl Streep.


Connery may have been one of the best actors in the world, but he was not included on The Guardian's list. This raises questions about who should have been included on the list and why Connery was not chosen.


  1. Warren Beatty 


Beatty is one of the most iconic and respected actors in the history of Hollywood. He has won multiple awards and accolades, including an Oscar for Best Actor for his role in “Heaven Can Wait.”


However, Beatty was snubbed this year when nominations were announced for the Academy Awards. Unfortunately, he didn't receive more recognition, as he is one of the best actors working today.


  1. Leonardo DiCaprio


  1. Leonardo DiCaprio is without a doubt one of the greatest actors in the world. He has won numerous awards for his acting skills and has consistently been nominated for awards throughout his career.


  1. While Leonardo DiCaprio is undoubtedly one of the best actors in the world, he should have been on the list of the best actors in the world. He was not included on this list, which is unfortunate.


  1. Several other great actors were not included on this list, including Tom Hanks and Brad Pitt. They each have an incredible acting career that should be recognized by the public.


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