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YouTube has been around for quite some time, and it has had its fair share of ups and downs over the year

YouTube has maintained one of the top ranks in the video marketing sector, despite problems involving YouTube creators and monetization scandals.

Today, YouTube is used by about half of all Internet users, implying that more than one billion hours of video are watched every day.

Every day, more than 500 hours of YouTube content are posted, and more than 250 million hours are watched on TV screens.

As a result, it's reasonable to say that YouTube has changed how we watch videos online, and it's also fair to say that it's revolutionised how we watch music online.

Every day, more than 500 hours of YouTube content are posted, and more than 250 million hours are watched on TV screens.

This means that it's fair to claim that YouTube has transformed the way we view videos online, as well as spawning entirely new video genres and hundreds of pop cultural icons that are exclusive to the platform.

Some of the most popular YouTube creators have entirely revolutionised learning, entertainment, and purchasing, from a blog to an unboxing video but if you grow your channel then use real YouTube video promotion.

With that in mind, let's take a look at some of the most popular YouTube video categories right now that you could enjoy.

The Most Popular YouTube Video Types

YouTube Videos with Commentary

A word of advice When someone posts a YouTube video, they are providing commentary or an opinion on a specific topic. This might be a vlog or a conspiracy.

A vlog, also known as a video blog, is a video diary that chronicles a YouTube influencer's daily thoughts, lives, and emotions.

The most popular vlogs on YouTube, like many television shows, attract thousands of viewers who tune in on a regular basis to watch these video journals of their favourite personalities on social media.

Many of the top people watch their vlogs on a regular basis, and they frequently do so instead of watching a series or TV show.

According to a survey, when it comes to today's millennial audiences, some of the top digital influencers continue to outperform traditional celebrities.

Brands recognise the value of being able to because of their relevance, reach, and engagement, and have included this into their influencer marketing plan so that they can reach more of the right consumers.

The frequency with which a blog is updated varies widely, but the content is usually unscripted, genuine, and focused on a specific topic.


Shane Dawson is one of the most well-known YouTubers in the conspiracy niche. He makes conspiracy videos based on both well-known and esoteric notions.

Despite a commonly held stance, YouTube creators that cover conspiracy theories investigate alternate explanations for situations or events, sometimes with a political motive.

Conspiracy stuff is common online, as you may know, and it has recently acquired steam on YouTube in the form of a series.

Shane Dawson investigates mysteries and everyday occurrences, which have proven to be quite popular with his viewers.

Product Evaluations

A YouTube creator will provide feedback on a specific product in a product review. This is frequently regarded as a first impression, with the YouTuber reviewing a product and providing critique, personal opinion, and assessment.

There are a lot of individuals that rely on YouTube for knowledge, which means that there are a lot of people who use it.

are crucial when it comes to influencing customer decisions.

According to one survey, 62% of customers look at product reviews on YouTube before making a purchase, and another study indicated that 52% of customers are more likely to buy a product that has been featured in a product review on real YouTube video promotion.

Unboxing videos are also used for product reviews.

Videos of Unboxing

Unboxing videos capture the reaction of the YouTuber as well as their first impressions as they open the packaging of a product for the first time, allowing you to live vicariously via their delight.

This has now become a cultural phenomena, and they are frequently seen as a vital part in the process of making a purchasing decision, as well as a very effective strategy for marketers to raise product awareness.

This is why companies are keen to sponsor unboxing videos in order to enhance their search presence and reach millions of buyers at a crucial stage of the buying process.

YouTube Tutorial/How-To Videos

Tutorial videos are usually educational in nature, and they assist viewers in learning how to accomplish a given task. They're sometimes called tutorials, and they're usually instructive in nature, walking you through a service or product.

If it's a physical product, the YouTuber will demonstrate how to utilise it. They'll show you how to use it at a high level, or how to use a specific function or feature, if it's software.

In the case of service, the YouTube creator will demonstrate how to use the service, and tutorials like this are designed to educate the audience on more complex features, tools, and processes when it comes to products and services.

The number of people searching for ‘how to' videos on YouTube has risen over time, with 91 percent watching ‘how to' videos before starting a new task. The most popular YouTube material among millennials is ‘how to' videos you need increase your video then use real YouTube video promotion.

They are frequently task-specific, allowing businesses to take advantage of one-of-a-kind sponsorship opportunities.

These types of videos can be watched over and over again, attracting millions of views. How-to films can be found in the cooking, technology, cosmetics, craft, and automotive communities.

YouTube Videos on the Top 10 List

This sort of YouTube video, often known as listicles, is recognised for a few aspects. Let's take a look at a few of the categories in which this type of YouTube video fits.


A haul is when a YouTuber shows off a product that they have purchased, such as apparel, make-up, or household products.

They usually focus on a single brand and may include a brief first impressions assessment. They've become a favourite when it comes to fashion, beauty, and lifestyle channels because they're used to showcasing exciting new products and highlighting emerging trends.

Hauls, like product review videos, have been known to drive significant sales for products that have been positively praised by YouTube artists.

They're most popular among fashion and beauty YouTubers, but they're also popular in other categories including health, technology, and home.

Video Highlights

Because people enjoy following YouTube creators and have a high level of trust in them, it is quite simple to win over your audience and get their faith in your views.

When it comes to YouTube videos, this has resulted in the formation of the ‘best of' genre, in which YouTube creators promote their favourite products.

Because it is a YouTube content creator presenting their favourite service, product, or experience within a given category, this is slightly different from product review videos.

A beauty YouTuber would offer her favourite makeup pallet, while a travel YouTuber might reveal their favourite South American vacation spots.

These types of videos are ideal for people looking for the right product to buy, what to wear, and where to go on vacation.


Collection videos are another popular sort of YouTube video, in which a YouTube creator walks their audience through a certain product that they have been collecting over time.

Typically, this will fall within the categories of accessories, make-up, home products, apparel, or make-up. They may incorporate elements from other YouTube videos, such as a product review or a fan favourite, but this type of content is frequently used to allow viewers to learn more about their favourite YouTube creator.

It allows viewers to see what things their favourite YouTube creator has chosen to stock their homes with.


A compilation video is a video that combines clips from several other videos. On video game channels, highlight reels for gameplay are common, but comic fail compilations are also popular.

A compilation can also be autobiographical; for example, a YouTube content creator may create a year-end compilation highlighting the year's highlights.

Compilations can also feature a number of topics in which a YouTube producer is interested or has developed.

YouTube Comedy Videos

Comedy Comedic elements are used in YouTube videos to provide funny amusement to the audience, and genres such as pranks, skits, and parodies are used.

They're still among the most popular YouTube videos, with many of them going viral and collecting millions of views.

Because YouTube as a platform makes it so easy for aspiring performers to test out content on their audience, a lot of current comedians have discovered recognition through their YouTube channel.


Sketch videos are short performances or plays put on by a YouTuber or group of YouTubers. They're frequently referred to as sketches, and they usually consist of a quick scene depicting a hilarious situation with a personal spin from the writer.

They're usually intended to be amusing, but the YouTube creator may occasionally utilise them to educate the viewers on a relevant issue.


YouTube prank videos document sociological experiments and practical jokes perpetrated by popular YouTube artists on their family, friends, and unsuspecting members of the public.

Prank films on YouTube have been extremely popular over time, and many YouTube producers have accumulated millions of subscribers by creating amusing prank videos, as prank content draws more likes and shares.


YouTube creators generate parody films to lampoon, parody, or mashup existing YouTube video material. Its purpose is to mock the original content by making the subject, the originator, or the style the target of mockery.


Another sort of YouTube video that has the potential to go viral is a challenge video, which includes shout-outs for subscribers to participate in a contest.

Challenges will raise awareness for a specific cause or simply exist for entertainment purposes, based on the pleasure of being a part of a competition.

This has ranged from charitable initiatives such as the ice bucket challenge to fun tasks such as the cinnamon challenge.

Because memes are easily recognised and spread across media, they are a vital aspect of challenge videos.


Of course, reaction films are made to record a YouTube creator's reaction to a certain piece of material or a real-life incident.

These types of films, which are driven by powerful emotions, create excitement and tension among viewers who want to react together with the YouTube creator.

These YouTube videos may include a group reaction or an individual reaction from a third party. A film trailer, a TV series, a news item, a commercial, or even someone else's YouTube clip can elicit a reaction.

Video Q&A

When it comes to question-and-answer videos, YouTubers usually respond to questions that their viewers have posted on the site.

The line of questioning is usually determined by the YouTube creator, who selects the questions they'll answer from the submissions and compiles them into a list so that they may answer them all in one video real YouTube video promotion.

A question-and-answer YouTube video like this can deepen the connection between the YouTube creator and their subscribers by providing an intimate look into their inner thoughts. There are a lot of YouTube creators out there who have amassed a large following by engaging directly with their subscribers like this, and a question-and-answer YouTube video like this can deepen the connection between the YouTube creator and their subscribers by providing an intimate look into their inner thoughts.

This is also a wonderful area for a YouTube creator to respond to a rumour or address a disagreement.

You Tube producers have become celebrities in their own right, owing to the fact that they appear more relatable than traditional celebrities.

YouTube producers may engage with their audience and build a sense of closeness with their followers by posting question-and-answer videos on the platform.


An interview video is a conversation between two persons or two groups of people in which they exchange questions and responses.

A YouTube interviewer will attempt to address particular issues with the interviewee that will be of interest to the viewers. Pop culture, conspiracy, politics, and career are all possible topics.


A YouTube docuseries, similar to a documentary, is becoming more popular among YouTube creators who want to make a series of themed videos.

They will include numerous pieces that the YouTube creator will release in instalments to build anticipation and grow their audience.

These films generate popularity since they feature descriptions of the authors' interests, lives, or engagement in a certain event over a period of time, as docuseries are often lengthy form.

YouTube videos that are educational

An instructional YouTube video will deliver current information to the audience through engaging and thought-provoking cultural topics.

These videos are usually directed at a specific person or child. Because educational YouTube channels help to keep their subscribers informed, examine hard subjects, answer queries, or even present interesting random facts, this video normally receives a lot of traffic and repeat views because it's shared as a resource.

Surprisingly, YouTube has become one of the most popular learning platforms, with hours of information from reputable educational organisations such as the AP and Harvard Medical School.

Because YouTube is the world's second most popular search engine, it is frequently used to find learning materials and educational information. This is why educational films are viewed over a billion times per day on YouTube.

Videos of Music

YouTube content makers that dabble in music will make videos that are filmed in combination with a song they've written.

These movies frequently include musical components like as visual graphics, dancing, other performers, or lyrics. They can be created from scratch, parody existing music, or even remix the tune.

They may be less professional in terms of production than traditional music videos, but they nonetheless strive to appeal to a wide audience.


A narrative video is when a YouTube producer uses videography to narrate a report of a fictional or genuine event.


When a YouTuber wishes to combine images and storytelling to describe the characters, events, conflicts, and resolves of a fictional story, story videos are popular.

The YouTuber may discuss a personal story or a hypothetical issue.


An explainer video will provide an explanation for a particular topic of interest. An explainer video is created by a YouTube creator who wants to provide commentary on a topic, whether instructive or not, and may employ animation or dramatic flair to do so.

Gaming Videos on YouTube

YouTube gaming videos are some of the most well-known YouTube videos, and they record video games that are played by well-known YouTube gamers in a variety of formats.

Tutorials, live broadcasts, walkthroughs, game reviews, challenges, and montages are examples of these forms. Because it is one of the most searched topics on YouTube, it is a rather saturated niche.

This means that anyone who wants to start a YouTube channel like this would face stiff competition.

Despite this, YouTube gamers are among the most popular YouTube creators, with significant engagement and views on a consistent basis.

In fact, more than half of the top YouTube creators in the globe are gamers or make YouTube Gaming videos. YouTube Gaming and YouTube Live have become an important component of the gaming culture on YouTube, putting the network in direct rivalry with another gaming platform. Gaming has remained a pillar of YouTube's growth plan, but Twitch still outnumbers YouTube Gaming in terms of user engagement.


ASMR is a relatively new sort of YouTube video that is rapidly gaining popularity. It is a special genre of YouTube video that causes viewers to experience a tingling sensation when they hear or see certain videos.

ASMR YouTubers can elicit a relaxing and soothing physical sensation by providing visual or aural input.

While there are a variety of niches to explore within this area, the fundamental goal is to make viewers feel at ease.

It not only helps YouTube artists to connect with their fans in new ways, but it also provides companies with a unique approach to promote their products in front of their target audience.


Sports videos, which contain a YouTube creator viewing, playing, discussing, or watching a sport of some kind, are also a popular YouTube video type. A

Creators on YouTube can also provide a voiceover for a televised sports game, develop a sports challenge, or compile a sports fail compilation.

Shots with a Twist

A trickshot video will attempt to motivate the audience by demonstrating a difficult, record-breaking, and high-intensity trick shot.

These films have gone viral, and they continue to push the envelope when it comes to seemingly impossible skill feats.

Last Thoughts

As you can see, there are a number of various sorts of YouTube video formats, so if you're attempting to create a YouTube channel, you have a lot of possibilities.

There's a good possibility you'll be able to discover your niche and what you're passionate about, allowing you to begin creating content that will resonate with your audience and help you build a long-term relationship with them.

Whatever material you publish, make sure your channel is professionally set up; if you haven't already, utilise a template. Don't be scared to experiment with different types of YouTube videos in order to find the one that's ideal for you. Best of luck!



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