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Whether you’re sourcing timber for your new bandsaw mill or building a cabin off the grid, moving logs is tough work. Sure, it beats any desk job, but no matter how much you enjoy working outdoors, moving logs can wear you out in a hurry—especially if you’re on your own.

That’s why so many sawyers, lumberjacks, and others have devised practical tools and machinery: to take some of the strain out of this labor-intensive task. From cant hooks to log arches, there are all kinds of implements and contraptions that help you work smarter. By conserving your energy, you can make the most of each day and get more done.

Before you start your next project, take a look at these two tried and true methods of moving logs efficiently. Either of these two approaches can save you time and considerable effort, so you won’t be forced to knock off early.

Read on to learn about the two best ways to move logs around your property.

Heavy-Duty Log Arches Are Compact and Versatile

Ultimately, the best way to move logs to your sawmill bandsaw will depend on your unique situation. This will include everything from budget to terrain and even your timber. However, heavy-duty log arches made it to the top of this list because they’re rugged, versatile, and tend to be the best implement for a wide range of circumstances.

If you aren’t familiar, log arches generally feature an arched frame mounted on two tires, with a hitch to attach to a vehicle. They vary in size and construction, so be sure to select the proper log arch for your intended application.

The optimal size for a log arch is 20”-28” since this size keeps the log arch nimble and maneuverable on rougher terrain while delivering the hauling capacity you need for efficient work. If you decide to buy a log arch, look for one with a two-speed manual winch that uses a braided stainless steel cable. Ideally, the winch will have a capacity of about 2,500 pounds.

Convertible Off-Road Utility Trailers Are Suited to Any Task

From milling boards to grinding stumps and putting your PTO wood chipper to use, there’s a lot that goes into your acreage management work. When it comes to tools and equipment, you can get the most out of your money by investing in gear that’s adaptable and rugged—like high-quality portable bandsaw sawmills.

So, if you’re thinking about getting a trailer for moving logs, don’t settle for a one-trick pony. Instead, find a versatile, convertible trailer that you can use for different tasks.

The best-valued trailer for ATVs, UTVs, or tractors is designed to be used in three modes. You can use it as a typical dump trailer, convert it into a logging trailer with side-loading capability, or use the attached winch boom to load logs or even large game from the rear of the trailer.

And, of course, these trailers thrive in off-road environments. If you decide that a trailer is the best way to move logs on your property, make sure you look first at a trailer with an innovative three-mode design.

About Woodland Mills

When mechanical engineer Josh Malcolm realized he would need his own bandsaw mill to tackle the list of projects on his new farm, he was surprised to find so many overpriced, underperforming sawmills on the market. He called his childhood friend, Neil Bramley, and asked, “We can just build our own, can’t we?” That was the beginning of Woodland Mills. Now, over a decade later, Woodland Mills is an industry leader due to products that deliver outstanding value through innovative design and efficient manufacturing. From the flagship HM126 portable sawmill to new Loglander log arches, backed by world-class customer service from the Woodland Mills team, Woodland Mills products help you make your mark.

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