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On account of the advent of cutting-edge trailer automation of the pneumatic On-Lift landing gear, nowadays the transport and shipment organizations can take a sigh of relief. This top-of-the-line trailer technology of On-Lift is certified by OSHA (Occupational Health & Safety Administration), coming under the authentic regulatory authority of the US Department of Labor.

Owing to this endorsement, this futuristic gear assures practically negligible damages to the trailers, as well as the truckers, thus ushering in the golden era of trucking. The reputed pneumatic On-Lift landing gear suppliers of Patriot Lift Company help logistics companies to improve their TRUCK DRIVER RETENTION by eliminating musculoskeletal sprains during the raising and lowering of the landing gear.

Let us ascertain the unique merits gained for trucker retention using On-Lift landing gear:

1. Reinforced Protection with Negligible Abrasions

The OSHA-approved cutting-edge air-powered On-Lift landing gear automation furnishes an increased level of safety to the truckers during the trucking assignments. This futuristic automated landing gear replenishes its air power directly from the prevailing Emergency Brake System, negating the requirement for any additional power. Now, this On-Lift landing mechanism is tested and proven rigorously in real-time, whereupon over 30,000 cycles with a full-loaded trailer is tested, without any setbacks. Such analyses are identical to having approximately 20 years of continuous landing gear functions with a full payload.

Again, the On-Lift automation helps to practically remove the muscular-skeletal abrasions that were previously triggered by repetitive cranking of landing gear with cargo up to 100 lbs. The unique perceived benefit of this ultramodern On-Lift mechanism is that it can raise and lower the landing gear within only 10 seconds, even with a fully-loaded shipment of 70,000 lbs. It is to be noted that the truckers never have to exert any force; just the touch of the fingers and wrist is enough to operate the automated landing mechanism.

Thus, the unmatched landing gear offers all-around protection against musculoskeletal injuries and lower back strains, removing them from up to 10% down to zero. As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the truckers were earlier subjected to injury-based productivity losses that include back and shoulder strains and sprains DAFW (Days Away From Work). Fortunately, with the emergence of OSHA-certified On-Lift landing gear automation, such abrasion issues, and revenue losses for the trucking agencies can be effectively averted.

2. Women-Based Truck Designs with Stringent Operational Protocols

Over time, the trucking and shipment companies are increasingly devising the most suitable trucking designs that are specific to women drivers. In addition to the futuristic and streamlined On-Lift landing gear automation, nowadays the trailers come with customized cabin layouts, entailing the adjustable foot pedal height, similar to the average height of the women truckers. These one-of-a-kind women-based provisions help to encourage more women to join the trucking industry.

Besides, the transportation and logistics companies have now laid down the operational hours or hours-of-service (HOS), specified by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). As per such stringent protocols, the trailer drivers can perform their trucking ventures for up to 11 hours each day, while being allowed to return to trucking activities only after 10 hours of constant rest and downtime. Such regulations are optimally beneficial for women truckers, and ones above 50 years to remain active throughout their trucking assignments.

The Bottom Line

Patriot Lift Company authenticates its eminence by furnishing the cutting-edge On-Lift air-powered landing gear automation of Model 2000 and 2000 HD to keep the truckers satisfied and enhance the TRUCK DRIVER RETENTION process. Besides, delivering a completely secured work zone for the truckers, such On-Lift landing gear automation supports EEO or Equal Employment Opportunity signifying the involvement of truckers, regardless of age, gender, race, or physical deformities. Over and above, installing On-Lift technology also assists to minimize the incentive costs for hiring new truckers, while mitigating retiring attrition owing to physical disabilities.


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