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Whether you own a new car or one that is still under warranty, periodic logbook services provide numerous benefits. Car owners frequently believe that their new vehicle takes little maintenance to run properly. In truth, the first few months of a car's life, dubbed “Running-In,” are critical. Proper logbook servicing ensures that your vehicle has a longer life span as well as increased fuel efficiency and performance. In other words, by using a mobile car logbook service in Canberra, you can avoid significant damages or expensive repairs while also letting you claim a warranty in the case of a problem.

  • Increases your vehicle’s lifespan

Logbook servicing is preceded by a series of tasks and inspections. Routine maintenance of a vehicle's moving parts, such as transmissions, tyres, and other equipment, takes time and km to adapt and perform smoothly. Thus, the logbook service allows your vehicle to run optimally while also saving you funds on car maintenance over the course of the vehicle's lifespan.

  • Servicing flexibility

You can choose an authorised service centre or a local car mechanic.

Most new car owners are misled into thinking that in order to keep their warranty, their automobile must be repaired at the dealership. However, this is not the case! There is no legal requirement that you need to service your car by a franchisee outlet to preserve your manufacturer's warranty.

  • Increases your car’s resale value

A reliable logbook service in Canberra ensures your vehicle has a full maintenance history and a higher market value. If your vehicle has a record of periodic repair and maintenance, the resale value will almost definitely be higher since the prospective buyer will be aware that the automobile is well-maintained.

These are the 3 amazing benefits of logbook servicing that you must know. If you find this post helpful, don’t forget to share it with your friends, and get back to us for more posts like this!



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