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Most people are aware that before any workout, you need to warm up. Whether you’re running or lifting free weights, a warmup period is a must. A pre-workout warmup helps improve your flexibility, can prevent injuries, and increases your body temperature, all of which can benefit your performance. If you’re looking for new, better ways to get your blood pumping and your body limber, try any of these four warmup exercises at one of your favorite gyms in Stockton, Bakersfield, or elsewhere.

Go for a Short Jog

Lightly jogging is a great way to get your muscles working and your blood pumping. In fact, if you live close enough to one of the better health clubs and gyms in Modesto, Tracy, or wherever you live, you could even jog to the gym. Along with being a first-rate warmup, jogging is heart-healthy and builds muscle. If your health club features an indoor track, do a few warmup laps before your primary workout routine, or you can hop on the tried-and-true treadmill. Even if you’re doing a strength training workout, jogging can still help you prime your body for the heavy work.

Hop on a Stationary Bike

Pedaling on a stationary bike provides a number of the same benefits that jogging does, including cardio health perks, raising your body temperature, and promoting flexibility. Plus, the best health clubs and gyms in Tracy and the rest of California are virtually guaranteed to have a selection of stationary bikes. That makes them a convenient warmup choice when you’re already at the gym. Cycling should also be a priority for those who are prone to joint pain or other issues, as it’s typically lower impact than jogging. Hop on the nearest bike and cycle for a few minutes before moving on to the rest of your routine.

Bend It Out with Morning Yoga

Yoga is among the most dynamic and convenient warmup options. Of course, yoga’s contributions to flexibility and limberness are virtually unmatched. As anyone who’s familiar with yoga is likely to tell you, it can also be an intense workout and cardio booster on its own. Better still, the only gear necessary for a revitalizing yoga warmup is an outfit that will stretch with you and a mat. Being prepared mentally for your workout is often as essential to an effective gym session as the physical warmup and yoga provides both. Upping your Antioch or Vacaville fitness regimen with a yoga warmup can start at home or with a yoga Studio class at your favorite health club or gym.

Try Dynamic Stretches

For decades, the most common pre-workout warmup was static stretching—extending muscles, often to the point of discomfort, and holding that position for a while. However, most of our movements, including most exercise routines, don’t involve holding static muscle stretches. Plus, stretching out your “cold” muscle fibers could actually do more harm than good. Instead, choose a warmup that more accurately emulates the natural movement of your routine with dynamic stretches. Before your next workout, look up and try out some quality dynamic stretches like arm and leg circles or lunging with an added torso twist.

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