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A good deodorant saves you from lots of embarrassing moments. We've all had moments when we've sniffed ourselves and realized that we need a quick change before things go downhill. And now, looking back, we are thankful to those people who introduced us to deodorants.


A deodorant can be your best friend if you're prone to sweating bundles or desire to always smell good.

Before moving forward to the best deodorants available in India, let's get to know a little more about deodorants.


Types Of Deodorants:


There are a variety of deodorants available in the market. Some of them are:


  1.     Roll-on Deodorants: These are very common and can be available in stick form. Perfect for applying directly on the skin to control sweat. Not very fragrant.


  1.     Spray Deodorants: Perfect for smelling nice and comes with a wide variety of fragrances to choose from. They are available in mist and gas forms.


  1.     Solid deodorants: These are becoming popular due to their effectiveness. Available in a solid form, it might leave a residue.


  1.     Wipes: Deodorants available in wipes are best for carry-along purposes. Yet, they might not be the best for the environment as they are for one-time use only.


Spray deodorants are the most actively selling deodorants in the market due to their affordability and fragrance options. Some of the best deodorants available in India are listed below. This list will help you make the best choice for your next deodorant purchase.


How to get the best out of your deodorants? 


There are a few areas to pay extra attention to if you use a spray deodorant and want to smell fresh all day. These areas are referred to as pulse points. 


They will help your deodorant last all day because they are closer to where your veins are. These pulse spots include your belly button, the inside of your elbows and wrists, and behind your knees and ears.


But, if you're using a deodorant to control your sweat, then make sure to apply it in areas where there is skin-to-skin contact, like armpits, thighs, under your breasts, or even behind the knees.


Best Deodorants available Online in India:


 If you want to buy a spray deodorant, start taking notes. The given list has deodorant recommendations for both men and women, which will help you smell the best.


Playboy Play It Lovely Woman Deodorant Spray


If you're looking for some everyday floral scent that comes in a good quality deodorant, then you must check out this deodorant.


Playboy Play it Lovely is a simple-to-wear flowery scent of Eau de Toilette. It is our best deodorant choice in the entire list.


It has citrus and juicy pear notes, followed by a heart of cherry baby orchid and belle de nuit, and a straightforward, sensual base accord of amber and tonka bean.


It has a cute, eye-catching pastel model and is offered for Rs. 299 for 150 ml.

Fragrance category: Floral


The Man Company Bleu Body Perfume


This deodorant is perfect for men who are active throughout the day and want to tackle the sweat that comes along. The Man Company Bleu Body Perfume is a must-try for athletes, gym guys, or guys who are always on their toes.


The Man Company deodorant is laboratory tested. It works perfectly for daily use; each bottle contains approximately 1000 sprays. Even after a long day at work, the scent, which is made with natural components, leaves the body smelling good. Direct application to the skin has the finest results.


Prominent fragrances include Bergamot, Lavender and Mandarin, Basil, Cardamom, and Black Pepper.


Available for Rs. 209 for 150 ml, it is a definite try.


Axe Dark Temptation – Deodorant Bodyspray For Men


Axe has been in the market for a very long time and is known for its fragrance and affordability.

For all your daily grooming requirements, Axe is your best buddy. With the brand-new Axe Dark Temptation body spray deodorant for men with 48HR Dual Action Technology, enjoy sensuous chocolate perfection.


The scents of cocoa are enticingly rich, sweet, aromatic, and dark. Spraying the Axe Dark Temptation long-lasting deo straight onto your skin is completely safe. 


Its new Zinc composition provides improved odor prevention and is created without parabens or dyes. The prominent fragrance includes chocolate and spices.


It is available at Rs.199 for 150 ml at cossouq.com


Fogg Paradise Fragrance Body Spray For Women


Another well-known name in the industry is Fogg. This deodorant offers 24-hour body odor control. It is carefully made to keep you smelling fresh and vibrant throughout your day. Its sharp and vibrant scent is very well noticeable. 


You get more sprays as it is filled with only perfume liquid and has no gas. It's a body spray and deodorant for women that's completely natural and keeps you feeling lovely for the whole day. With the help of secret ingredients, it soothes the delicate skin under your arm. Its natural odor blockers absorb sweat and stench.


With its own fan base, people find it to be worth the money.


Its fragrance profile is floral and vibrant.


It is available at Rs. 180 for 150 ml and is a must for daily use.


Bella Vita Organic Luxury CEO Body Deodorant for Woman


Check out this deodorant if you're seeking a product with a distinctive scent. It was intended to bring back memories. The CEO Woman Body Parfum No Gas Deodorant is both classic and cutting-edge, with strong notes of bergamot and patchouli.


Its watery notes flow easily as it embraces new vistas and acknowledges those that have already been reached. Throughout the day, it is tempting thanks to its earthy notes of leather, tonka, and vanilla and musk undertone. It is best for everyday use.


We don't know what Phoebe from ‘Friends' smells like, but if she were a deodorant, she would definitely be this one.


The fragrance profile includes: earthy, sweet, and spicy.


Available at Rs. 179 for 150 ml, it's a perfect value for a money grab.


You smell like you've just walked out of a perfume alley!


These top 5 deodorants are the most widely used, budget-friendly, and distinctively scented deodorants, making them ideal for daily usage. There are items on this list for both men and women. The aforementioned goods can be found at www.cossouq.com at discounted prices.



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