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What are the advantages of WordPress CRM plugins? Keep in mind that keeping track of business contacts can seriously eat into your schedule, robbing you of the time you require to grow your brand – and without growth, your company could quickly go backward.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems are designed to help you regain this time. As part of many CRMs, correspondence is also handled, which can mean the difference between a missed business opportunity and a major sale. With a wide selection of WordPress CRM plugins available, it comes as no surprise that WordPress is flexible enough to accommodate such a need. You don’t have a website? Get your WordPress website with the help of WordPress CMS Development Company today!

In this article, I will discuss the top WordPress-powered CRM solutions, their key features, pros, and cons, and finally, suggest the best fit for a small-medium business.

Why should you use WordPress as a CRM?

One of the biggest benefits of choosing a CRM plugin for WordPress is that so many of them are free. As a result, standalone CRM platforms – such as Agile CRM – tend to be quite expensive.

Additionally, you will be able to access and manage your contacts much more easily if your WordPress website is already integrated. By keeping everything in one place, you and your staff can streamline their workflows.

Furthermore, you and your team should already be familiar with WordPress, so you won't need to learn a new interface to manage your customers' details effectively.

Best WordPress CRM Plugins:

1. Jetpack CRM

The Jetpack CRM plugin is a robust WordPress plugin that provides all the essential features to help companies effectively manage their customers. Customers can access an informative Jetpack CRM Dashboard, which displays information such as Revenue Overview, Customer Status, Lead Status, Transactions, Sales data, and many more. Additionally, Jetpack CRM offers multiple extension options like Client Portal and Invoicing Pro that cater to the needs of individual companies. 

Pricing for Jetpack CRM starts at $5.40 per month (billed annually) and goes up to $17 per month. To help customers choose the right platform for their needs, Jetpack offers a 14-day money-back guarantee


A WordPress Enterprise Resource Planning solution can be used to handle all business needs, including Accounting, Marketing, Customer Management, and others. Businesses can manage both their websites and businesses with the same software. With WP ERP, you get a powerful dashboard that generates impactful insights to help companies better understand their business performance. In WP ERP, users can easily make notes about customers, assign contacts to others, save search filters, create contact groups, schedule meetings, view activity logs, and perform various tasks. 

Additionally, it is open-source software that can be downloaded for free.

3. Hubspot CRM

WordPress plugin HubSpot is an all-in-one CRM and marketing solution. With this plugin, companies can provide excellent customer service through Email Marketing, Live Chat, Pop-Ups, and more. Customers can be filtered by their engagement status on HubSpot, so businesses can prioritize tapping those customers who have a higher chance of buying. With HubSpot's powerful analytics tools, companies can better strategize Marketing and Sales campaigns.

Anyone can download the plugin for free.

4. Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is a WordPress plugin that converts every visitor into a potential customer. The plugin offers a wide variety of features, including Lead Segmentation, Customer Report Generation, Forecasting, Workflow Automation, Deal Management, and many others that enable companies to optimize their business processes and increase productivity. 

In addition, it is available as Open-Source Software, which can be downloaded for free.

5. Bitrix24 CRM

Bitrix24 CRM is a very popular CRM integration for WordPress that provides tools for multiple tasks including workload management, lead acquisition, sales automation, lead management, etc. Businesses can manage and optimize most of their operations with Bitrix24 CRM. It provides features like Live Chat, Telephony, Contacts Form, and Virtual Project Automation, which makes it a powerful Customer Relationship Management integration for WordPress. 

The monthly subscriptions for Bitrix24 CRM start at $49 per month and go up to $199 per month. Additionally, Bitrix24 CRM provides a free plan for WordPress with limited features.


As we move into the experience economy, customer experience will be at the top of most companies' priority lists. We can assure you that companies that pay attention to their customers outperform their competitors almost all the time. Furthermore, the customers you pay attention to can also become your business partners, vendors, suppliers, or resellers. The addition of one or more revenue streams can expand your business model. Additionally, all the relationships you build expand the scope of your business, helping you take that big leap of faith to modernize your company whenever necessary.

You can think of your customers as a support system for your business. Whenever you need them or make an important move for your business, they will always be there for you no matter what. Their sole goal is to see you succeed.

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