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At this point, we can just own it: We are attached to our iPhones in a major way. They are basically an extension of our hands in these modern days. So, what happens when you break your iPhone? You naturally gravitate towards the five stages of grief that come anytime you lose something important to you. Thankfully, those stages can be short-lived when you take your phone into an Apple Premier Partner. But here is a rundown of those strong emotions that hit you right when you realize you have a broken iPhone.


“Did that really just happen? No, no, no….”

Yup, that really just happened. But it might take you more than a couple of minutes to get over the initial denial. You might tell yourself that it isn’t that bad and that you can just live with the new damage on your iPhone. The truth is, iPhones break all the time, and the longer you spend denying it, the longer it will take you to actually go and get it fixed.


“No! Dang it! Why did this happen to me?”

Anger usually rolls in shortly after you get through your denial period. It can be easy to get angry, especially when your broken iPhone is no fault of your own. But just remember that the anger is normal, try to keep yourself from saying something you can’t take back (especially if you’re in public), and know that it will pass soon enough.


“Please just let them be able to fix my iPhone; I’ll do anything.”

The only way to find out if your iPhone is fixable is to bargain with the experts. Finding the right people to help you fix your iPhone is all a part of the bargain, and more than anything, you want to make sure that they fix it right the first time. Always be sure to take your broken iPhone to an Apple-certified technician. That way, you know they’ll use Apple Genuine Parts, ensuring that the repair goes smoothly and your phone functions as it should.


“I just feel like something is missing from my life. Oh, that’s right, it’s my phone.”

You pat your pockets instinctively, but alas, your phone is still in the repair shop. You might feel a bit down when you get disconnected from your phone. You’ll likely realize just how much you use your iPhone when it’s being repaired. But don’t worry; the sadness will soon be over, especially when you have a reputable Apple Premier Partner fixing your phone.


“Finally, all that is over with.”

As you pay for the repair work, a wave of acceptance will wash over you. You have your iPhone back, and it might even look and work better than before you broke it. Balance is restored to your life, and you buy a heavy-duty protective case so that you never have to go through those five stages of iPhone grief again.

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