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The 5-Step Roadmap to a Future Fit Organization

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I’m truly excited to unveil my new model – the 5-Step Roadmap to a Future Fit Organization. If you attended my recent presentations for Association for the Health Care Environment (AHE) or Industry Partners Australia, you’ll know this as an 8-step roadmap. I’ve officially combined 4 of the steps, so it’s a 5 step roadmap.

Step 1: Purpose and Values – Your purpose is your compass and should describe the impact you make on the world. Your values are your GPS – how you need to achieve your purpose.

Step 2: Accountability & Performance – The way we’ve been thinking about accountability is outdated. Taking a page from Brian Moran’s new book, “Uncommon Accountability,” this step is all about setting high-performance goals (we call these Target Rich Objectives) and aligning them with your team members’ individual purpose and career aspirations. In this way we can achieve a culture of high performance and mutual accountability.

Step 3: Re-humanizing the Workplace – The 20th century was about taking humanity out of the workplace. Think Frederick Taylor and his time and motion studies and prescriptive job descriptions that lead to micro-management. The 21st century has to be about putting humanity back into the workplace.

Step 4: Agile decisiveness – the best leaders make decisions quickly based on the information they have and update those decisions as new information comes to light. AND they are able to take their teams on the journey with them.

Step 5: Reimagine – Many of the workplace and workforce practices that we use today were developed in during Industrial Revolution. They were developed for a poorly educated workforce that was asked to do routine and repetitive tasks. This workforce, for the most part, no longer exists. It’s time to question our old-school practices and then hypothesize and test new ways of doing things for the modern workforce.



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