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Digital marketers have to be content-oriented. This is part of our daily reality. This responsibility comes with a double-edged sword. There's one side that is exciting: all the writing, reading, and sharing that can happen! On the other hand, there is the fear of all the reading, writing, sharing, and editing that must be done in seo services india

We all have a lot of work ahead of us. There are things that we can do to keep our feet on the ground in seo services india.

Emma, a marketing software and services provider, spoke to over 200 marketers and other industry leaders at seo services India the Marketing United conference. The results were compiled into their 2017 Email Marketing Industry Report. These are the top five insights on what is driving marketers today.

1. Marketers Feel Overwhelmed

Emma discovered that only 12% of marketers claim they meet customer and internal expectations. Although it may vary, it is indicative that many of us are trying to keep up in seo services in gurgaon.

Only 12% feel that they are meeting customer and internal expectations. 

We have much to do, it's true. We try our best to satisfy organizational needs and provide customer service. We all feel like Sisyphus at times, pushing our marketing goals up the hill while trying to not get crushed when they come back down in seo services in gurgaon.

It is important to work smarter and not harder to reduce the burden. You might have manual processes that you could automate to reduce time, frustration, and money. Remember to check on automation regularly if you implement it.

#MarketingAutomation Tip: Robots don't make good marketers. It's important to not set it and forget about it. 

2. 2. Marketers have the data but need resources

Marketers love data. It is collected via surveys, forms, and social media posts. We need data to understand the preferences and behavior of our customers and how we can improve our products of seo services in gurgaon.

We are still stuck despite all the information we have.

Emma's research shows that 64% of marketers don't have enough time or the right people to market their products.

64% of marketers claim they don't have enough time or the right people to market their products.

This is a significant fact that should make you stop and think. As Jay Baer, president of Convince and Convert, says, “Capturing data because you can do not matter. Capturing it for a purpose does.”

It doesn't matter if you capture data because it is possible, but it does matter if you do so for a purpose. #bigdata CLICK TO TWEET

Ask yourself why you are collecting data. What could you do with the data you have gathered? Think about the possibilities. You can uncover new insights by revisiting data that you already have. This could lead to new campaigns and justify more resources.

To uncover new insights and justify new resources, revise existing data. CLICK TO TWEET

3. Marketers Face Conflicting Priorities

How often have you been asked the question “Deliver content to satisfy our audience or deliver content to satisfy our bosses?”? In a perfect world, it would be both. But it is a constant balance for most members of the team.

Emma says that personalization is crucial if marketers are to meet both internal and external needs and achieve their goals quicker.

Personalizing, segmenting, and customizing your content will make it more relevant to your target audience. A stronger relationship between customer and brand is characterized by greater relevance. This results in a customer who is more invested (i.e. profitable). Personalization campaigns that answer the questions customers haven't thought of are great.

Great #personalization campaigns can answer the questions that consumers don't know how to ask. #marketing CLICK TO TWEET

Accenture research supports Emma's findings. It shows that 75 percent of consumers are more inclined to purchase from retailers who personalize content.

75% of consumers will buy from retailers who personalize their content.

Personalization is a win-win situation for both internal and external expectations.

4. Email Is Still Number One

Many of us are constantly looking for the latest and greatest in digital marketing. It's easy to forget more well-known tactics that have lost their shine. Emma says that email marketing, while certainly not a new platform, still vastly outperforms other channels including social media, SEO, display/pay-per-click ads, and mobile/SMS.

47% of marketers believe email generates greater ROI than any other digital medium. @EmmaEmail CLICK TO TWEET

Emma's ebook ” Why email Holds the Key To Lasting Customer Relations” states that email still reigns due to its undisputed power: It offers guaranteed reach.

Emma points out that, unless there are obvious obstacles like inaccessible addresses or non-functioning servers, customers will be able to receive emails from you. It is possible that they won't open it. It may not be clicked on by them. It will get to them.”

Marketers can target, tweak, adjust, track, and track emails to increase their reach and hopefully engagement. It's not surprising that marketers consider it essential.

5. Email isn't being used to its full potential by marketers

Marketers may be tempted to underuse email because it is an easy platform to use and maintain.

Emma asked respondents to answer the following question: “How well does your email marketing integration with your other marketing systems?” Only 12 percent of respondents confirmed that they had fully integrated their email program and other systems. 49 percent indicated partial integration.

39% of marketers don't integrate their email with any other marketing system. @EmmaEmail CLICK TO TWEET

While integration with other channels, personalization, and targeting remain challenges, marketers are beginning to reevaluate the effectiveness of their email programs. Emma discovered that 58 percent of marketers intend to increase their spending on email over the next year to capitalize on its substantial ROI.

58% of marketers expect to increase their email marketing spending in the coming year. Why? It works.

Emma's research is a powerful reminder to marketers that email is still relevant and useful. It's time to reexamine your email marketing strategy and discover its full potential.

Get more insight from Emma in her 2017 Email Marketing Industry Report and ” Why Email Holds The Key to Lasting Customers Relationships.” Or browse Convince & Convert email articles.


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